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  1. Until very recently it was all LEGO Technics for me, but a visit to Brickmania in Antwerpen two weeks ago made me have a look at trains too. Especially after my 3 year old spend half an hour gazing to a fantastic train diorama that was on display. So, time to broaden my horizon... I really like the design of your proposal, so you already have my vote. But I agree with 3797 that some of the proposals at Ideas will most likely not be considered because of their size. Is this also valid for this train? I have no idea, time will tell. But the ideas behind your proposal do make sense, and I really hope some of it will be taken into account... Fingers crossed!
  2. This has been a great building experience. I treated myself to the new 42029 and a nearby store had a never opened 8070! Time to start building, with some changes to the colour scheme... And it is now a LHD! I should've changed the settings of the wipers too... Total building time: around 12 hours. Not the perfect toy for a three year old to transport his Duplo. Two broken 61903 universal joints, and no way to repair it without taken apart the whole truck... Total break down time and putting all the parts in the right boxes again: around 6 hours...
  3. Yvan

    Madoca's MOC collection

    I just built the Rock Crawler... Lots of building fun for me, mad lots of fun for my three year old! All of Madocca's designs are so well engineered!
  4. Just like so many other AFOL's, I returned to LEGO some years ago when buying presents for my kids. So I made up for all the time missed: too much Technics... My interest is Technics and Mindstorms, and for my daughters there is Friends, but the six year old helps out with the Technics too, and for our son there we have plenty of Duplo to explore. My wife thinks we already have enough LEGO, she may be right, I was able to build Jurgen's Ultimate 42009, and missing parts... On the other hand, can one ever have enough LEGO
  5. Yvan

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    I had so much fun building Jurgen's ultimate 42009! Many thanks to Jurgen to provide these excellent building instructions, a nice step up to the regular LEGO instructions, much more challenging... Except for the metal hook, I was surprised to have no missing parts... Maybe my wife is right and I did buy too many Technics sets the last years
  6. Hello all, I pre-ordered my copy from the publisher site and received it last Monday. Of course, as an extra you get a digital copy when you order from them... Interesting reading, not for those looking for instructions to build complete MOC's, but a very good mechanical and engineering course using LEGO Yvan.