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  1. eti

    LEGO Printed Bricks...

    Do you have a picture of that 'Koeks' Bankett' brick? It would be very incorrect Dutch. It could be something like 'Koek & banket', but 'koeks' is bizarre, and there are no double consonants in Dutch word endings.
  2. Nice meeting you, Gerkenz. Great castle, my pig loved flying over it. Here's a video impression of some of the MOCs on display - see how many times you count my flying pig (it's not in every MOC, though). I have tried to tag every MOC, but for some I don't know who made them. If you can add some names, or websites of the makers, please let me know and I will add them to the video!
  3. eti

    Future of Farm

    Wow, what an idea. Grass textured tiles! AFOLS are going to order them by MILLIONS in order to have a grassy underground for Star Wars battle scenes of 15 square meters...
  4. eti

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    You're so right. I have seen one Star Wars movie, about 15 years ago, and found it utterly boring. And I have seen some Clone Wars episodes at work, because I work as a translator. So now I just browsed through some Star Wars movies in order to build something because Lowlug has a Star Wars themed contest, and I'm a Lowlug member. It is obvious that I will do everything wrong because, well, I know nothing about those movies. Okay, I know that the Jedi, including Yoda, are supposed to be good, and they fight the dark side, which is supposed to be evil. But I had no clue that the color of the light saber mattered, let alone whether Yoda had a padawan or not or if it is called padawan or apprentice (I picked up the word 'padawan' checking the Clone Wars translations). Oh, I didn't even know that Squidward plays the clarinet, because I don't watch Spongebob either (I do watch South Park, though. Which has nothingto do with anything). Anyway, I did manage to build something that at least some people thought was funny and the fits the theme of the contest I'm entering, so I'm not going to be bothered taking new pictures and re-uploading for the color of a light saber... I think I'll go on building my Valentines Day contest MOC!
  5. eti

    Awesome Set Ideas LEGO Should Steal from Playmobil

    Yes, those new themes are a bit of a disappointment to me, too. If you are going to make big, expensive sets, don't use half the parts for big monsters and for men with guns that come crashing into the temples and pyramids. Apparently boys want fighting stuff and Lego gives them fighting stuff. Or maybe they want fighting stuff BECAUSE Lego gives them fighting stuff. But, to return to the original question: Playmobil made a Sinterklaas specifically for the Dutch market! Now THAT is a cool idea.
  6. Belville is just ridiculous (even though it has given us AFOLs some nice parts). There are no normal parts to build with and everything just looks way too barbieish to be credible Lego. Most girls like Lego but they don't like all those grim fighting men with weapons. The house is a great idea, something like that existed in the 1970s (Homemaker) but if it could be modular, all the better. For the rest girls like fairy tale like or everyday life playthemes and they like female figures. If proper children instead of just shortish legs were introduced, there could be some very nice hospital, school, family, nursery, playground, etcetera sets for girls. Pink bricks are not needed. Fairy tales could be nice too, but Little Red playsets have a risk of becoming too childish. They could end up appealing ony to kids under 4 and over 40... A licence to something popular with girls would also be a good idea. What do girls aged 4 to 10 like nowadays? And don't say Justin Bieber. What about that whole Disney princess thing? Those pictures are on all sorts of merchandise, is there a current TV series or whatever going on? (My kids are four and only watch Nick Jr. so I wouldn't know... and no, Dora would be limited to Duplo age. Besides, it sucks) Oh, and animals, of course. Horses! Riding stables, whatever. And a zoo would be great. The farm series has potential too, but Lego made a boy version with big tractors and machines. A farm that appeals to boys and girls has a house (never understood why they left that out, farms always have a house), a tractor, a bunch of animals... all sorts of things, really.
  7. eti

    Building rituals

    Sets I build at the dining table, not in the Lego room. I sort the parts into piles (by shape, not by color, just like in the Lego room). I won't eat döner with garlic sauce while building but I don't panic over a cup of coffee or unwashed hands, really. It's my four year old son who refuses to use dirty bricks, not me.
  8. eti

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    For Darth Vader, wouldn't a 1x1 brick with studs on 4 sides and then a 1x1 cone on the front be close enough?
  9. I remember buying the Fabuland bunny when I was 11 (I was into Fabuland, big time. I didn't have much sense of what was supposed to be cool). Not sure if I got or bought anything after that until a few years ago.
  10. Wow, I knew the elf was popular, but this... For me, it's Gorilla Suit Guy. I use animal heads a lot in my MOCs (mostly Fabuland, that is) and the sweaty face inside is absolutely great. Other favorites are the fisherman (for the new beard) and the tennis player (very beautiful figure over all). The elf is just so-so, I think. The pointed ears are funny and for the rest it is mediocre.
  11. eti

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Thanks. But they aren't trans-blue windows... clear windows and a trans-blue starry sky backdrop!
  12. eti

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Hey, I never heard of this topic before because I don't visit Eurobricks all that often, and I do not like Star Wars at all. But well, Lowlug had a Star Wars MOC contest and I simply had to compete. Not because I really want to win that white Boba Fett (I don't understand what's so special about it in the first place) but simply because I want to compete. So I watched a few Star Wars movies (or bits of them) on YouTube and then had an idea for the MMM (Mini Moc Madness = max 16x16 studs) category. So, here goes: Yoda's new padawan was not the brightest student he had ever seen.
  13. eti

    WINTER BREAK: King's Cross

    Sure, but that would be a challenge using just 1000 parts...
  14. eti

    WINTER BREAK: King's Cross

    Hey, you're right, the dark red one is Albus Dumbledore. I didn't know that.
  15. eti

    WINTER BREAK: King's Cross

    Oh, that's not how I interpreted the rules! I thought it said "the home of any character. Or any location" after stating we have to depict an adventure of Harry, Ron and Hermione during winter break. I'll just keep it like this... I actually like the idea of the three friends using the socket of afterlife as a hideout. Besides, there is no Dumbledore microfig, and microfigs are just not very versatile, even though I am sure there is one out there that could be a sort of convincing Dumbledore. Upon re-reading, I see where the ambiguity comes from... the line "you can also build" can be read as "instead of building around these three characters" or as "instead of one of these locations".