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  1. +1 to Rakky for a fast and fair swap.
  2. I'm after series 6 Romans, and will consider swapping two-for-one from my extensive list of spares (except series 1). If anyone's interested, have a look at my list: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52683&view=findpost&p=1011936 and PM me.
  3. And +1 for Dervish for a smooth transaction.
  4. +1 for Woodland Observer, +1 for jondesouza +1 for danim Thanks, it's been a busy couple of weeks!
  5. Wily Manc

    Superheroes 2012

    That's great news, much sooner than expected.
  6. Hi, I've added some series 6 figures to my have and want lists - I'm especially interested in Aliens, Pink Astronauts, Roman Legionnaires, and Minotaurs. I have figures available from all six series to trade. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52683&st=60&p=1011936entry1011936 Cheers, Wily Manc
  7. And right back at you! I don't think I did this last time, so +2 for Woodland Observer.
  8. Hi, I've updated my post to include some Series 3 & 5 figures: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52683&st=60 I've got some sought after figures on there, including series 1 & 2, evil dwarf, hazmat guy, etc. PM me if you're interested.
  9. Hello everyone! I have: Series 1: Ninja (sealed) Super wrestler (sealed) Magician (sealed) Crash Test Dummy (sealed) Nurse (not assembled, but missing spare syringe/instructions) Series 3: Rapper (mint in sealed packet) Series 4: Hazmat Guy Ice hockey player x2 Figure skater Punk x2 Sailor x2 Footballer Artist Series 5 Little clown (1 sealed, 1 opened) Inuit (sealed) Royal Guard/Beefeater x2 (sealed) Skater Snowboarder Series 6 Butcher x4 (2 sealed) Statue Of Liberty (sealed) Leprechaun (sealed) Bandit (sealed) Sleepy child (sealed x2) Surgeon Flamenco dancer Wind Up Robot Highlander Series 7 Female viking Tarzan x3 Red riding hood Sci Fi Warrior (sealed) I would like: Series 5 Dwarf Series 6: Roman (will trade two others for one Roman) Series 7 Aztec warrior Bagpiper Geek Merman Olympic swimmer I'm also interest in Alien Defense Unit spacemen and the most recent Space Police officers. Except where stated, the packs have been opened but the figures haven't been touched. All come with the packet and the instruction booklet. I would prefer to trade within the UK, but will happily consider offers elsewhere, especially for exchanging more than one figure. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. Wily Manc

    Review: Character Building. Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Set.

    Got this set a couple of weeks ago, and I'm pretty happy with it. The light doesn't fit on the top of the Tardis on the set I bought, which is a minor irritation, but it looks good and fits in great with my Lego village. Love the figures - some of the other ones out there are great, especially the Daleks I'm really excited by this range - Lego would never have touched Dr Who so I don't think it takes anything away from Lego. I wonder how popular they are. Can't wait to see more sets, especially the full set of 11 doctors! Woohoo!
  11. Wily Manc

    MOC - The Islands Of Greek

    That's beautiful - the colours are amazing, and every detail is so well imagined - the church windows, the water, the simplicity of the balconies. I especially love the alleyways between the buildings - they're not too busy and you can just imagine being there, it's beautiful!
  12. Wily Manc

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    As per my slightly out of date signature! Alternatively a Bith/Cantina band member
  13. Wily Manc

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1) A combination of both factors. 2) Individuals - for me there is no continuity between the sets in the World Icons series. Some of them interest me, but others have less meaning to me. 3) a) The Colluseum, b) Edinburgh Castle, c) York Minster 4) Something like the mediaeval market - a pirate/kingdoms harbour, or a Space moon base/research station. Or definitely a zoo! Thanks!
  14. Wily Manc

    Castle Sets 2010

    This looks fantastic - even better than the Fantasy Era calendar two years ago. It's great that they're keeping some of the more domestic elements of castle lego - a pig! Two civilians! Mind you, they're a bit flirty this lot.
  15. Wily Manc

    Is your sig-fig similiar to you?

    I have the same problem! Otherwise my minifig dresses like me. If this face: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=3626bpb138 looked less scary, that would be me.