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  1. Kikuichimonji

    Soulcalibur IV to feature vader and yoda!!!

    It also has ToS' Lloyd right? Man, I need to get this.
  2. Kikuichimonji

    Super Smash Brothers

    Meh, more Pokemon. Rather easy way to get more characters. I'd like something else for a change.
  3. Kikuichimonji

    Super Smash Brothers

    Ah, good old SSB. The reason I got a Gamecube in the first place. I never liked the N64 version too much (few characters, hardly anything to do in single player), but the Cube version was awesome. I still play it with friends every now and then. Best multiplayer game since Turtles in Time. As for Brawl, I'm looking forward to it. I'm so glad I can just use my Cube controller for it X-D
  4. Kikuichimonji

    What game are we playing at the moment?

    Finishing Resistance: Fall of Man on superhuman. I'm currently at the Bracknell tunnels. Got all skill points already, so after I've finished it on SH I'm done with it. Also playing a bit of Chrono Trigger in between. I've gotten to Lavos twice before, and lost my save files both times (stupid PAL SNES). Kinda stupid to play through everything again, although it remains one of the best games ever.
  5. Kikuichimonji

    Pics of the Agents Line

    I'm seeing some nice things (the bike) and some bad things (the truck) here. And I can't help but feel like this is Alpha Team all over again.
  6. Kikuichimonji

    What game are we playing at the moment?

    Finished Kingdom Hearts that had been lying around forever and managed to finish a couple of perfect games on very hard in Point Blank
  7. Kikuichimonji

    Soulcalibur IV to feature vader and yoda!!!

    I'm looking forward to kicking Vader's megablocks with the almighty Kilik :-D
  8. Kikuichimonji

    What are you listening to?

    God is an Astronaut - Forever lost Awesome title, awesome music.
  9. Kikuichimonji

    What's Next After the Build?

    Put them nicely on the bookshelf like TheBrickster so they could collect dust. [ 16 ] [24.24%] Although I was forced to break down all my SW sets last week, since I'm moving out. Such a shame :-(
  10. Kikuichimonji

    Somewhat less WIP-Cruiser

    The round thingy in your third picture that kinda looks like a washing machine ;-)
  11. Kikuichimonji

    Vote for pedro!!!

    Gotta love the shirt, Pedro. Welcome to EB! :-D
  12. Kikuichimonji

    Every gamer should recognise this ...

    CS still has a very lively community and is still one of the most-played games online. Don't get me started on Halo though. It does absolutely nothing new and people are walking away with it and calling it the best game ever and whatnot. I fail to see why a mediocre game gets that much attention. Chapeau for the marketing though, making a blockbuster out of something mediocre is quite a feat. On a side note, you should also check out this movie. Metroid vs. Halo!
  13. Kikuichimonji


    Maybe it's too big? I'm not sure if EB automatically resizes pictures, but I'm sure one of the mods can tell you.
  14. Kikuichimonji

    Somewhat less WIP-Cruiser

    You've got some very nice ideas there! I absolutely love the greeblies with the EF mecha's hands and lightsaber bars. Very clever and good-looking. The hatches are nice, but would look a million times better if you'd add some more plates (even though it doesn't look possible with this construction technique). I like the stairs too, simple but good-looking. Other then that: yes, it looks very boxy X-D