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    [MOC] The Scarlet's Perch

    This LEGO Model is of a Scarlet Macaw currently being displayed at the Dallas Zoo in relations with the "Nature Connects" exhibit by Sean Kenney. This model will be on display until April 10th 2016. This model is just under 12 inches tall and features a "tree stand" for displaying. It was an interesting challenge to get the curves of the bird with correct proportions to the real bird, but all pieces are connected and it is quite sturdy. Thanks for looking! ~JU
  2. Here is my simple entry. A lightsaber for christmas!
  3. jamesuniverse

    Attack on Canterwell

    Well I decided to build another castle... This time, better than before, I am satisfied with the landscape and I am OK with the castle. The castle wall is OLD grey and I plan to build a bigger one later this year. :) This MOC will be at Brickfiesta 2013 and if you are coming, feel free to say Hi! Check out the main flickr page for more info on the MOC.
  4. jamesuniverse

    LEGO Tiger Mosaic

    Time to take a break from Sci-fi. So why not make a mosaic? Stats: •30" x 30" plus a custom built and painted frame. •Made from 3,000+ pieces (Exact count is unknown) •Approximately 50 hours to complete due to acquiring pieces, frame, and complexity. •Many BL orders Hope you like something a little different from me. :) This is a build dedicated to my best friend and the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. If you would be interested in owning this, please contact me. :P
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    Thank you! The cord was only for the "start" button for the 3 motor sequence. I could have removed it, but it would have been a pain. I just had it out for easy of use. (Plus it is convention ready.)
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    Well here it is. The "Big" thing I have been talking about. It is a official SHIP. -Over 100 studs long -No BL or PaB orders were made (Kinda contradictory to the acronym eh?) -Includes NXT (see video), a cockpit that can also be used as a escape pod, and a heck of a lot of pieces. Please check out the video and read the description if you have time. :)
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    Ameribricks: Shocking News Here

    People fell for that? >.< I didn't read the comments, but man. It is kinda obvious that Eurobricks will always be Eurobricks... :P
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    [MOC] Fish Riff Beach

    Here is a scene I made for MOCathalon.
  9. jamesuniverse

    [MOC] Iota-8

    Here is my latest spaceship I hope ya'll like it as it is for MOCathalon in the 2 color category. The curve in the front is my first time trying the flex tube trick. (Thanks to Benny Brickster) It aint perfect, but it's better than nothing. :L
  10. jamesuniverse

    The Lands of Dramediot

    "Pretend a good story is here" Well I HAD to use my Olive Green Bricks and people (C.J. and Mark of Falworth) wanted me to build a castle MOC. You ask; You receive. Please understand this is only my 2nd castle MOC so I understand it isn't that great. I am trying.... I think this is the first time I did a diorama style MOC without a baseplate. (Yipee!) ***Please keep your jealously to yourself. For anyone that asks, I will not answer my source where I got the olive bricks.***
  11. jamesuniverse

    Clone Base on Naboo: Dual Invasion

    Hey guys. Here is my last clone base for a while. Sorry it took forever to get up. I am sorry if the photo isn't great. I had real trouble with it. If you would like to see more views, please watch the video here:
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    Here is a spaceship I am actually proud of. I decided not to upload the other one today as it isn't as good. If the editing is bad, I'm sorry. It took FOREVER to edit because of that stinkin background. /gimpnoob. I hope y'all like it. I may not be able to upload this week for school. :( ALSO HEAVLY inspired by one of Si-MOCs' older builds.
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    MSFC Voting Thread

    28. Ice Planet - Crystal Station - Siercon and Coral - 3 (But I wish I could give 10...) 65. Planet Express - Oky - 2 points
  14. jamesuniverse

    FAPC Voting Thread

    52. Ivory Poaching - Ecclesiastes - 3 40. Dinosaur extinction? - Cecilie - 2