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  1. Savage_opress

    [ESL-FB2] The Mason of Pontelli

    The chandelier is beautiful, REALLY love the mood on the whole build. Captain Soares may be interested in requesting a statue by Marty
  2. Savage_opress

    [COR-FB3] Atelier d'Mozzarelli

    Love the combos on the figs and nice build
  3. Savage_opress

    [SR-FB] - In deep Jungle

    Thank you all very much for the positive comments!! As far as the background, I have to find a big piece of paper that can be used for bigger builds like this one, or just borrow one from school. I have to admit that this whole build was really fun to make and has been through a lot of changes until I was happy with it. I was heavily inspired by the new Uncharted 4 and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  4. Savage_opress

    [ESL - FB] Iron Mine on Ferro Azure

    Love the plank work on the shed's roof and the different coloured vegetation, also the mountain is amazing. Good work
  5. Savage_opress

    [SR-FB] - In deep Jungle

    Oh yeah :// it was supposed to be Haven the colony sorry
  6. Savage_opress

    [SR-FB] - In deep Jungle

    In the Dense Jungle of the Headhunters, on the Isla del Diablo, there s a frightening reputation that prevails due to the existence of a Cannibal tribe. And that was the reason of it being unexplored territory. However, a Sea Rat called Miguel Serra, was trying to sell a portion of gold in the city on Havon (in the North West of the Jungle) that many believed it was found in the heart of the Civilization of the Cannibal tribe, and soon the rumor was spread through the continent. Miguel being a close childhood friend of Jasper Soares, had told him that the gold found really was from the jungle and that he had sharing cultures with a member of the tribe, that he saved from dying from a dying tree, and later they began to share a bond, and as a reward for saving his life, the tribal offered Miguel a piece of gold. After telling his story to Soares, the fellow friend disappeared a few months later and Jasper calculated that he had been kidnaped by one of the kingdoms in order to get them some more gold. He then summoned one of his best man to get his friend back. It was tricky to enter the depths of the jungle, the vegetation was wild and sometimes would make it harder and impossible to go further. Both of them never had been there, it was unknown territory and they didnt't know what to expect when they came across them. It was until they stubbled upon a big entrance that merged with the mountain. As they entered, they knew that they couldn't be there, they were too exposed for whatever it was about to happen. It was then that they found a wrecked wooden structure, which seemed a more civilized structure for a more primal tribe, but they didn't thought much about it, as a crucial moment was to happen. They waited there, and soon they heard shouts coming from the other side of the entrance, it was them, but which of the kingdoms could it be?? They then say a blue toned officer with a wooden leg and they immediately noticed it was the Oleon army. They had Miguel with them alongside an tribal man that seemed like he was indicating them the way to the treasure. Jasper and his fellow mate knew that had to do something to save them, but what? To be continued...
  7. Savage_opress

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    No it is not, it is though from the Batman V Superman set, from the new Wonder Woman minifigure. I am in general in love with this hairpiece, never had found such a similar air to mine in a LEGO form
  8. Savage_opress

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Thank you all very much, I have given a read to all the liks provided a couple of times to consolidate the rules, I also have my first free build on the way, I just need to get a few more figures and take the photos.
  9. Savage_opress

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Jasper Soares is a lone ranger, with a rebellious and warm heart, he has a free mind, and doesn't accept all the the lies imposed by the King and Queen. That was the reason for leaving and wander on the sea. He does not have an haircut in a few months and his hair has more sand than a whole archipelago. He believes that it's time to stop all these lies and fake society and thinks that the time to act has come. He is a man without a compass, he goes wherever the wind blows. This was the introduction of my character, hope you have liked xd. I was wondering if any of you could please give me some directions on the first steps here. Thank you!!
  10. Savage_opress

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    Hello, I have been away from LEGO, and building in paticular for a couple of months now, but I just came across thsi thread here and I found it really exciting. I've always been a big pirate fan since I was a kid, and I was wondering if I could still join in. Thank you
  11. Savage_opress

    Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Sweet chan, Nice work
  12. Savage_opress

    Attack on Wayne Manor

    It's really nice! Awesome work! ;)
  13. Savage_opress


    It look really like the original one! A set I would defenetly buy!