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  1. The Monsters (& Fighter) are having an all-nighter party playing bowling on their Whee console (the alien couldn't afford the new Whee U model). The alien's really displaying his talent in the game, while someone is adding an extra-ingredient to the punch!
  2. The mummy's treasure chamber: On the other side of the wall, adventurers are blocked off by a collapsed tunnel: Professor: "I wonder what would happen if I were to press this scarab switch."
  3. Don't go exploring the mausoleum on Hallow's Eve!
  4. alienorb

    [MOC] Monster Fighter Land

    Awesome cathedral! The road is great, since it helps the viewer look around the MOC. :)
  5. alienorb

    Hedgehog Mecha

    With the larger photos from different angles, this mech is looking epic! Especially the Sonic-inspired "spikes" on the back.
  6. alienorb

    Glow in Dark Mech

    Awesome mech! Great job!
  7. alienorb

    -Rock Raiders Dio-

    Awesome work! If have enough parts, you should definitely make a multi-level cave.
  8. alienorb

    The Mirage

    I like the detailing on the wings and the overall shape of the craft. Also the background story is nice, too. However, I have to agree with DrNightmare: the ship could use another color. Oh, and a pilot would be cool.
  9. alienorb

    Old LEGO action themes for sale/trade

    After viewing the prices on Bricklink, I propose EUR 70.00 (incl. shipping) for: 8061 Gateway of the Squid 8075 Neptune Carrier 8079 Shadow Snapper 8191 Lavatraz
  10. alienorb

    Capital spaceship XB-13

    Impressive size.
  11. alienorb

    Polar expedition

    Clever design on the lamas! ;) You should next make a zoo or something together.
  12. alienorb

    Polar expedition

    Totally love the snow-rover with the tracks. And great work with the presentation as well: small details such as the seals really say something about a MOC! Is it easy to work together with your sister? I know I’d have a hard time with my brothers – we all have so different tastes.
  13. alienorb


    Beautiful and complex build - great work!
  14. alienorb

    Zombie Fighters

    Cool scene and a sensible business model. Maybe the business could be expanded to include helicopter pick-ups or something? A zombie-fighting helo...