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  1. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Those are some of the most weird, but unique color schemes of all time. (Particularly looking at Slicer and Scorpio). Other than that, these sets are definitely interesting in their own right. My favorites would definitely be Skull Basher, Skull Warrior, And MMVSSG set. Personally, every set improved in some way except Skull Grinder, who looks incredibly awkward with his sunken head. And oh yes, every mask this wave is great. Can't wait to see Up-Close shots so we can catch a better glimpse of the masks and the new pieces, especially that "Cloth Piece".
  2. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Hm. Looking at the prelims. What if the new bone piece allows for pin connections, which can then ultimately allow Moccists to add old Bionicle armor pieces to said bone piece. Given that it's so empty it could possibly allow for pins to be added anywhere and be moved. The only really bad part about that would be that the emptiness wouldn't really hold the pin in place.
  3. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Maybe it's not even the MoUP, and instead is a preview of one of the Summer Wave masks?
  4. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I don't want to say exactly, but somewhere in the lower parts/area of Texas.
  5. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Strange. The Target I acquired my Lewa only had Lewa. And the other Targets I attempted to check had Lewa, but only had the listing tags for just Lewa. Trust me when I say Lewa took over most of the aisle, there was so much. Basically. Anyone who wants a Lewa, come to Texas.
  6. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    After being on an "endless quest" for the new sets. I was finally able to find a Target that had only one of the new sets, Lewa, and so I picked him up. Head articulation is quite limited, but the rest of the set is good. I would recommend.
  7. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Protectors were found at a Target in the U.S. No information was given as to exactly which state or such on the IG post. Kopaka was part of the ToysRUs U.S. online leak where you could buy a few of the sets. Hopefully this clears things up..
  8. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The picture seems to suggest that. But I can't be too certain.
  9. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    First Confirmed "Sightings"(To my knowledge) These were both found on Instagram. Kopaka was from TRU via the Online Leak by "actionfigurdude" PoE and PoW were found at a Target by "diamondman99"
  10. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Same. I'm possibly going to check tomorrow.
  11. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    While not the Bionfigs Bionicle Animation you all have been waiting for. Here's a Bionifigs Bionicle 2015 Stop Motion.
  12. Seems they're definitely pulling out all the stops to make Bionicle's return, memorable. I will probably enter. But a few questions. 1. Would multiple figures (a small army) be suitable in the same post as the created villain? 2.Can you write a story to present the moc a bit better? 3.You can enter a new villain multiple times, correct? 4.Can you edit photos, such as a main photo, with a photo editing software? Anyway. This will be fun. Good luck to all others in this contest. =]
  13. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    At least I'm not the only who sees that.
  14. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Ah yes. The return of Bionicle. I was just too lazy to ever get on here and say that or even discuss it. Now that I'm here, again, might as well say a few things regarding my theory on the story and the sets themselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll start off with the sets. The Protectors are neat, good for pieces and they look interesting. But the Earth Protector takes the list for me because of Gunchest and Purple. The Toa...or Masters have the spotlight, like they should. It seems that either Kopaka or Tahu will be Day One purchases for me. The others fall short just a bit, Lewa look cool, Pohatu looks eh, Gali is strange, and Onua.. Yea.... The Kanohi featured with the sets look cool. Who doesn't get a few goosebumps from seeing the Golden Hau, I know I did. The Akaku is very cool, no pun intended, and looks very familiar, maybe Stormtrooper-ish, Idk. The Miru is nice, it even seems to have eyebrows giving a shocked expression. The Kakama is eh. It's cool, but not one of the Kanohi I'll care about. The Kaukau is weird. It doesn't even remind me of 01 but more of 08 and god knows how weird the 08 Adaptive Kaukau looked. The Pakari is brutish and almost looks similar to that Kanohi from the Ultimate Dume set, I believe. And then Lord Of Skull Spiders/Skull Krata... I'm willing to give him a chance, but even when I first heard his name, Lord Of Skull Spiders, I knew it wasn't anything to get hyped about. The Skull Krata, as I'll call them, are very cool. They look alien-like in a sense, creepy if you ask me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now for the story. I'd prefer a reboot, and it looks like it's going that way, but there's always that possibility for a continuation. I've sorta come up with a "theory" if it was going to be a continuation, it's garbage but I think it makes sense, I guess. Anyway it goes like this.. Since all the Toa, Matoran, And Turaga have arrived in their new home of Spherus Magna after the 2010 storyline, it's not just them anymore, they now share a home with Agori, and Glatorian along with god knows what else from Bota Magna. That's already been established by the current canon we know. So here's where I thought of different things. Since Mata Nui gave life to the new planet, could he have possibly given the Glatorian/Agori elemental powers too, which has been established since Mata Nui was able to give Ackar, Kiina and the other Glatorians elemental powers. So is "Masters" now a universal term the citizens of Spherus Magna (Toa, Turaga, Glatorian, Matoran, Agori) have decided for any powerful beings of elemental energy to be called or is that wrong. And the explanation for the Skull Krata would either be that when Mata Nui gave life to Spherus Magna, many species sorta evolved or mutated into more species, which leads me to believe that maybe the Skull Krata are really just hybrids or advanced forms of either Kraata or Krana. Or you know, it could just be a reboot.