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  1. I see parts in there that you bought from my BL store! It's nice to see them going towards something amazing.
  2. Now the 'Pimp up my Porsche' topic is closed, does anyone have a parts list for just the extra required parts on top of the Porsche set? I should probably get round to building mine soon!
  3. Both the form and the power of the original. Unfortunate that you can't enter it because it would be a strong contender for sure. I wish the RC motors were more... accessible.
  4. I love the idea of Lego Robot Wars/Battlebots and these two are well done representations of the actual robots. The only problem is more to do with the concept and that is that you will always be able to defend easily against PF powered weapons, they just aren't strong enough to do damage to a 'properly' build robot. I'd like to see these built with system based panels for armor that are easy detachable to simulate weapon damage.
  5. You'd be better off selling it MISB, then buying a Bricklinked one and being a couple of grand up!