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  1. castlestrike666

    Dragon Knight Prison Fortress

    0:20 --> The Medieval area51!
  2. castlestrike666

    MOC: "The Wotwentwong"

    I really like the cannons! Well done!
  3. castlestrike666

    The Youtube thread

    Here's a promotional video about BeLUG (Belgian LEGO User Group) It might be interesting for you colleagues to find out what we do within our club, and maybe to attract more interested people Enjoy! Full BeLUG channel:
  4. castlestrike666

    Prototype Castle sets

    Thank you to share these amazing pictures with us! If you look closely to some of them, you can see some sort of resemblance with some minifigs from the series (1-4) (see description below) - The guy in front of the white horse on the left with the brown beard --> caveman (serie 1) - The guy on the right with this two-coloured pants --> painter (serie 4) Some swords of these minifigs --> musketeer (serie 4) Maybe they wanted to bring those early elements back to us in some way
  5. castlestrike666

    D2C Contest: Attack on the Nile

    For a minute, I thought this was a new Pharaoh's Quest set! Just lovely! Sell this idea to LEGO, mate!
  6. castlestrike666

    [Review] 6918-1: Blacksmith Attack

    Did TLC make a deal with Megablocks or Brickarms or so?! That weapons are a total LOSS! Sorry. But, I think they just want to see how people react onto that new type of weaponry... . Some kind of hidden 'market research'
  7. castlestrike666

    Expansion of the Roman Empire

    Thank you for the kind words everyone! It's highly appreciated! Now I'm looking to further expand my church to make a complete Medieval layout (houses, castle, ...) or a Pirate moc. I still haven't figured it out What would you guys prefer?
  8. castlestrike666

    Review: 4181 Isla de Muerta

    Great review! But as many people, I haven't received the chrome gold as pictured on the box. So off I went to LEGO Thank you LEGO, today I received my package with spare parts. HOWEVER, when I opened the bag, there were 2 pearl gold jumper tiles and 2 chrome gold sets (as we know them for years) inside. I looked again, but no. No new chrome gold... So: off to LEGO again
  9. castlestrike666

    Expansion of the Roman Empire

    These are some photo's of my recent mini layout. It had to be finished for our BeLUG clubmeeting today, so it was a little nightwork last night.. This is how it was seen today: Whole set: Expansion of the Roman Empire (Flickr set) Thumbnails: With church of Olloy: Church of Olloy (Flickr set) Comments are welcome! Enjoy! Kenny.
  10. castlestrike666

    BrickMania, 27 and 28 November

    Ofcourse, as member of BeLUG, I'll be there too, on Saturday And my church will be displayed as well. Dr. Jones: nope, there won't be Brickarms. The only Lego you'll find are the pure, original and real LEGO sets and pieces
  11. castlestrike666

    LEGO World 2010

    Too bad I couldn't come this year! But, more fun next year! For those who will visit Legoworld, there you'll see my church of Olloy at the Belug layout My link
  12. castlestrike666

    MOC: Affleck castle

    Hi Fonzy Thanks to share your first, and massive, creation with us! But, as some people already stated, your castle suffers a bit the big gray wall syndrome Now, how can you fix this? First of all, you should do your very best to 'overdo' the overall look of a castle. If you check real-life existing castles, there are tons of arches, windows jumping in and out of the walls, different structures, different colours, rounded corners, ... . So you should do the same in Lego. Here's an example to prove my statement: Clicky! The second step is to check the internet and gather some ideas of colleague Lego builders (read: gather ideas, not steal ). A good way to improve your view on the castle theme is register on Flickr, and of course follow the topics in the "Historic Themes" forum on Eurobricks. If you have questions or difficulties on how to do things, you may always ask them here. We will all gladly help you solve your problems, and get yourself improved But I should definitely congratulate you with your amazing first moc: very well done! Most of us weren't this skilled when we made our first creation Keep up the good work, and let these mocs come!
  13. castlestrike666

    REVIEW: 4840 The Burrow

    I don't know why, but I'm not really fond of the two new hairtypes (black curly and orange long) Other than that, this set is really lovely! Nice colour scheme and some great parts (decorated tiles, ...) Don't know if I'll buy it though.. maybe I'll just order some specific parts on Bricklink.
  14. castlestrike666

    Who will come to Eurobricks Event 2011?

    It is very hard for me to talk such a long time in advance. So I cannot say for sure to be there. Maybe I will, maybe I won't Maybe you can count me it will be better to count me in?
  15. castlestrike666

    MOC: Nativity

    This would fit perfectly as holiday decoration, although it isn't Christmas yet It really has the looks of a typical farmers' stable. Love it!