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  1. For me Human Torch and Ghost Rider both need the transparent flame head piece in the new Agents sets anyway.

    Looking at that image again and it's clearly the Legion of Minifigs Human Torch that's been copied. The same guy who designed the Wolverine figure they copied in the previous wave as well as the Fantastic Four figures.

    Apparently Decool have also used his renders of his Fantastic Four figures as their box art. If copying someone's designs isn't bad enough to download their renders and use those as box art is a huge kick in the teeth.

    That's just a complete dick move. I'm done with Decool.

  2. Wouldn't that just make competition between Spider-man and Marvel and Batman and DC themes? Why not just increase the amount of sets per wave. Maybe not as many as Star Wars, but more? I'm not sure.

    Please, no more sets per year! I struggle to afford them all as it is!

  3. Btw guys, what hairpiece should I use for Speed (Young Avengers)?

    I think the best would be white mutt hair but I don't think that exists. I guess I'll have to go with Magneto's hair since it seems there are very few white hair pieces available.

    Oh yeah, and what head? I know there is a head with orange tinted glasses but it is also a darker skin colour, and I'd rather stay with a peach head to match Wiccan's colour (because they're twins).

    Magneto's hair piece would probably be best. For the head I'd go with Hawkeye's.

  4. I think that this set serves its purpose well. It showcases female scientists and shows girls that they can go into STEM fields. I don't think the target market is going to be complaining about the low number (only one) of exclusive prints.

    Those minifigs, wtf! I was gonna make this my first "ideas" set purchase, I figured, new yellow flesh minifig parts for custom stuff yay! but now I know its not really worth it.

    Why would you expect them to be new? CUUSOO Ideas probably doesn't have the largest budget. New prints just weren't needed.

  5. Are these worth ordering? I've seen mixed opinions, and honestly am not sure which retailer is the best. Normal Lego-Style feet are preferable!

    Sheng Yuan are definitely the best. They have the most accurate moulds and the most accurate printing. The only thing wrong with them is the arms- but you can replace them with regular LEGO ones. Decool has better bigfigs and a better range of figures, but the moulds and printing is pretty bad IMO.

    On another note, I noticed something off about the SY Toy Fair Cap replica. The red stripes on the stomach are bright red, when they should be dark red. It's a very minor niggle.

    Also, could a mod rename this thread to 'Bootleg Super Heroes figures'? It's started to function more as a general discussion so a new title would reflect that better.

  6. I found using the helmet on the regular Cap (newer one) from the SY set was better although the eyes still don't line up perfectly.

    I switched a few things round between figures to get the best figures with those... I gave the other figures away.

    Same here, but I couldn't find a better head for the dark blue one.

    This is what I did with the set:



  7. Do you guys think it's likely that Sheng Yuan will make a Phoenix figure? They did a SDCC Spider-Man but it was back when there moulds and printing were a lot worse.

    In other news, my SY Captain America set came yesterday. I like the moulded helmets but they look like crap with every head I've tread. Anyone know of any good heads to use?

  8. We've seen Coulson in the game now, and I am certain Lola popped up somewhere. Anybody else expecting an Agents of SHIELD set, considering how well the finale managed to redeem the show?

    Bit off topic, but I think the show redeemed itself right around the Winter Soldier crossover. The finale was okay, but I think those two episodes were the best TV I've seen in a long time.

    That is all.

  9. I love your work! I love the life jacket for Colossus. Which torso did you use for your WWII Cap? And what about Cables arm?

    Cap's torso is from the CMF old fashioned diver minifig, and Cable's arm is a regular robotic arm (I think originally from the Agents line) with a minifig hand stuck in it with Blu-Tac (don't tell anyone).

  10. Sheng Yuan I believe you're referring to. Neither is really better, they both have pro's and cons. Sheng I believe uses a better plastic, could be wrong. His legs and torso I believe resemble real lego. Decool has plate like pegs on the sides on the legs and pointed shoulders on the torso. I've had bad paint jobs from both, decool more but I have ordered more of his stuff so that doesn't mean much. As bootlegs go though these two "brands" are the very best and when the paint jobs are on, some of these figs can be really amazing.

    You're talking about the brands like they're single people. They're companies.