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  1. Nice comparisons, really good for people that did not notice yet :thumbup:

    Maybe I get it wrong, or did you switch the text on the LEGO / SY side? In my opinion the SY arms are wider (pointed shoulders) and SY has the rounded toes.

    Plus maybe you could add the fact, that the hands on both bootlegs are horrible, the space to clip in things is mostly very narrow and the plastic itself is a bit thicker.

    The shape isn't too accurate, too, but that's a VERY small detail.

    I actually did NOT notice the hip thingy until now. THANK YOU :devil: Just kidding, of course!

    Whoops! You're totally right. I've updated the post with a fixed version.

    I've never had so much of an issue with the hands, since they generally work alright with the arms they came with. Sometimes they are a bit loose though.

  2. Are you talking about the Leg molds, surprisingly the two pegs on the legs actually hold pretty well.

    I've made a little graphic to show the inaccuracies between LEGO and bootleg brands. Sheng Yuan's I don't mind because you can swap out the arms, and the legs aren't an issue since they fixed their moulds. Decool's moulds are a problem because you can't just switch out the torso for a LEGO one.


  3. I hope that this will attract more scalpers into the market and force them to bid more to the kids, who can then recycle their gains into more lego!

    I have to disagree there. Scalpers are just the scum of the industry, and it sucks that they end up with a good 80-90% of the figures.

  4. I actually prefer it when the figs stay exclusive. I wouldn't like to spend $2000 on a set of exclusive figs (cheaper than a trip to SDCC) and then see the value fall if they are released later like Batman, Superman and Azog were. I wish Lego would have a better way to signal what is a preview figure and what is an exclusive.

    I'm not blaming you for doing what you do, since it makes complete sense to buy these figures as an investment if you have the financial means, but I think that this is exactly the problem. The whole 'exclusive' nature of the figures doesn't benefit the fans and collectors, it benefits investors (not that being an investor is wrong). The minifigs stop being collectibles and start being investments.

    I honestly don't see why LEGO is still doing this. It doesn't benefit them, because they don't get any of the aftermarket sales. It doesn't benefit collectors and fans because 99% will never own the figures. It only benefits scalpers, who make thousands of dollars each every time LEGO does this.

  5. Well there we go......cause you're 21 and have other expenses that should prohibit anyone else from getting something you want. But since I'm 41, have a FT job and use my tax refund and bonus money to travel, I shouldn't get something because you don't have it. Makes total sense.

    But you're only okay with the exclusives because you're in a position financially to be able to afford them. The people who can't afford them are unhappy that their collections will have big gaps because LEGO deals with exclusives in a way that makes them insanely highly priced.

  6. I agree with Namioik.

    And now that I've found out how good the Decool figs are, I can buy those instead of super hero sets, and reinvest the money saved into SDCC and NYCC exclusives. I bought all of the first 2 super hero waves and most of the batman 1 sets, but I am losing interest in the 2014 wave. Until the DTC set comes along.

    Wait, so you're saying that you won't even be a Super Heroes collector but you'll still pay hundreds of dollars for individuals minifigs? Why not just buy bootlegs of the SDCC figures and spend the rest of the money on a retirement fund.

    Either you go to SDCC or go to the secondary market to fulfill your completist ways...

    ...or LEGO could stop releasing figures that only benefit scalpers.

  7. Although most of you guys hate Lego for doing exclusives, I actually don't mind it at all. As a matter of fact, I love it!

    They make random figures you would probably never see (or the variant) and the fact that you are holding on one of 1000 or 250 adds to the exclusivity.

    I bought both Phoenix and black spider man back in 2012 and have not regretted it. Looking forward to seeing what other exclusives I can get my hands on.

    Unlike you, most people can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a single minifigure.

  8. I guess it depends on the film, but I doubt there'd be a good situation to fit Collector in. And if they put him a set where he's not crucial to the action, all it's doing is raising the price point with a figure that is not recognizable to most kids, and not very "cool" either. (He's pretty easy to make a decent purist custom of, on that note.)

    I sort of get the completionist thing, but on the other hand, that's just going to be the case with any "exclusive" anyway. That's what makes them exclusives. :tongue: So I see why completionists would be upset about these exclusive minifigures in general, but how people are lamenting particularly over the fact that it's the Collector just seems kind of... odd.

    I'd rather there not be a Collector figure, than there be a Collector figure, but it costs $400. Preview figures in exclusive packaging is better for everyone.

  9. Yondu wouldn't work since LEGO doesn't have a mohawk hair piece. Korath is more likely.

    And in what set, may I ask, would The Collector star in?

    I mean, he's really not a character I can see in a set at all. Nobody was raging about why the freakin' Collector wasn't in a set when the first wave was released, but now that it's revealed to be an exclusive, everyone's mad? Why? If either way you weren't going to get the minifigure, why does it matter that at least a few lucky people going to Comic Con get it?

    Rocket Raccoon I can sort of understand, in order to make the full team, but I imagine LEGO was in a tough position with that one. The number of sets they made were limited, and it's not like there'd be a second GoTG wave for the movie... Maybe, as some were saying, they could have switched the exclusive/non-exclusive suits, but if they were unable to, then, again, at least some people get the minifig.

    It's not about the fact that people won't have the Collector in their collections. It's the fact that a lot of people are completionists, and LEGO is making it impossible to have a complete set of figures.