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  1. No I don't think we'll see sets at all because Marvel (and even the fans) wants this stupid reboot to flop. They're not going want Lego to promote and market them. I'd like them in a set eventually though so hopefully the rights revert back after this box office disaster waiting to happen fails

    As a fan, I don't want it to flop. Fox is going to retain the rights either way, so I'd prefer a great, high-quality, successful movie. Marvel Studios vs Fox is as stupid and pointless as Marvel vs DC. I don't care who makes it as long as it's good, and I don't care about shared universes since the FF wouldn't work very well in the MCU anyway.

  2. The same argument also works for regular minifigs. So someone may say that they prefer to give my money to the original creator, but why pay $20 for a set with one minifig when I can buy a perfectly acceptable fake for $1.

    If fakes are perfectly acceptable for $500 figures, then with the same logic they should also be perfectly acceptable for $10 ones. The quality is just the same between the fake $500 fig and the fake $10 fig.

    I'm also glad that the topics have been moved to community rather than in the main themes and interests categories. After all, eurobricks is a lego site, not a fake lego site.

    At $10 a figure, I can afford to buy it from the original source. Since I'm a LEGO collector, official figures are preferable to fake figures. At $500 a figure, it's out of the question for me to buy the original, so I buy the next best thing. The knockoff.

  3. It doesn't matter to me how good they are. They are not Lego. They are infringing patents. And I'd not have felt satisfied as a LEGO collector to have those figures in my collections because they simply are not LEGO.

    You can actually get a chinese ripoff Ferrari, but no way I'm gonna push that p.o.s to +250km/h

    I guess you're okay with anyone ripping you off your work then?

    This is not EB material, imho that is

    And I'm positive that is not doing anything good for the EB/TLG love affair either

    There is a lot of mindless hate going on in this thread. Have you guys considered that not everyone can afford the $300+ SDCC exclusives?

  4. man, I saw GoTG today, what a great movie, being as I havent been a fan of the MCU in general this is a real pleasant surprise. That being said, great idea KingPixels, and a great start, would you add a round 1x1 tile in pearl grey to his head? Any of the ravagers could be made using Star Lords official torso, throw all kinds of alien heads on there. Using plain yellow torsos and legs you could do the guardians in jail. I cant really think of anything else.

    I loved the movie as well. It had a great sense of humour and it looked amazing. I think a 1x1 tile would look. Not a lot of options there.

    What would be a good torso for him?


    An idea for a Collector that isn't $170:

    Old HP Snape torso and legs

    Old stern head (not specific)

    Doc Brown hair

    Arctic Batman cape

    Bam, cheap Collector.

    That would work nicely, I agree.

  5. I really hope that they eventually make this set a reality. I had the official toy van back in the day. Very nice cartoony design. Brings back memories. :)

    Apparently a Turtle Van is in the works for Season 3. Except a LEGO set of it.

  6. It would fit.

    Thanks for the pic! That hairpiece would be perfect.

    I was reading stuff in Groovebricks when they apparently reported that a man stole 50 the collector exclusives from sdcc, he goes by the name of McBalderus (username) on 4chan

    Sad for the ones that are going or want to get it

    4chan doesn't really have usernames. A tripcode is different.

  7. Emma's hair from the LEGO Friends line could work?


    good idea. I still think qui gon's nails the pony tail and shape best though. It would be good for lego. They'd be reusing an existing piece in a different colour rather than molding anything new which they would like. Then again we might just get the standard Thor hairpiece we have been getting.

    You guys are both missing the fact that it has to fit over a cape.