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  1. Contract renewal bud. Plus they sign new actors for large amounts of movies, beacuase the ordeal they had to go through with resigning a new contracrt for RDJ.

    Chris Evans has stated on numerous occasions that he'd like to focus more on his directorial work. When his contract is up, he won't stay around for long.

  2. What about a Back To The Future CMF? You could have Marty in his cowboy gear, Biff Tannen 1955, Doc Brown 2015, Marty Junior 2015, Jennifer Parker 1985, George McFly 1955, Lorraine Baines 1955, Marty Nuclear protection suit 1985. The possibilities are endless.

    Wouldn't be popular enough with kids. BTTF worked as a one-off set, because a lot of adults bought it because of nostalgia. I'm a fan of the franchise and even I don't think I'd want to collect 16 figures from it.

  3. That's what baffles me. Flash was in Lego Batman 2. They had already created the super speed mechanism so it just amazes me that they didn't put it in Lego Marvel with Quicksilver when they had already invented it.

    They didn't put any Age of Ultron characters in the game because they were saving them for the next one. That includes Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and Vision. They're probably going to tie them into the sets, and by then they'll be world famous, so they'll be a selling point of the next game.

  4. ^^ I knew I was wrong about the name! It's nice to see some optimistic reception for the movie, but from a production standpoint, it really stinks that they're doing this just to stay out of Marvel's hands, and causing the shutdown of a great franchise. I'm hoping the movie will flop, honestly, so this whole conflict can be solved and we can get LEGO sets...well, mostly for the dispute to be over, but still.

    If this movie flops, we can kiss any chance of Fantastic Four sets goodbye. Why would any company produce toys for a movie that's just been a financial bomb? If this movie does badly, it'll probably be the end of cinematic FF for a long time.

    I respect your opinion, but I completely disagree. I'm fine with changes here and there, but this sounds nothing like the fantastic four to me. It's just a way to keep the rights. They don't care about the characters or fans otherwise they'd be sticking to the source. They just want the money, and I hope it flops. I'm not sure I agree when you say "The rights are never, ever going back to Marvel" If this does poorly, they are not going to pay money to make a sequel and lose money on it. They could very well let it go back and if having a more complete MCU comes at the expense of Fox losing a property, then so be it because the F4 deserve better than this.

    If this movie does poorly, Marvel might get back the rights... a minimum of eight years. Not worth it in my opinion.

    Why are you guys assuming there will be a larger Ant-Man? You realize he gets smaller,right? Like, not big but the other thing? I'd say we'd get a regular sized Ant-Man and then a tiny Ant-Man. If this is tied to the movie in any way (which it will be, even if it's in an Avengers Assemble set) he won't be Giant Man until he gets those powers, probably in a sequel if at all. Before anyone says this is going along with the post about the giant ant with Ant-Man riding on his back, that's very very much speculation (albeit wicked cool speculation).

    The word 'larger' is relative. By 'larger Ant-Man' he means the regular minifig scale one.

    EDIT: Whoops, just saw CorneliusMurdock's post. This will be my last post about the Fantastic Four.

  5. The movie is made with not one single bit of love or care. Fox is only making it since they have to otherwise the rights fall back to Marvel. And the director is only making it so he can make Chronicle 2 with a different name (you would cringe at how much they're changing)

    I know how much they're changing, and I think it's great. Comic book movies have always been pretty formulaic. It's great that Fox is hiring an auteur (Josh Trank) to direct this one, with his unique vision. This will be a brand new and interesting take on the Fantastic Four story, and they've got the perfect director to go into themes of what it would be like to experience what the FF went through (especially the Thing's horrible disfigurement).

    I get it. You guys want a direct comic-to-film adaptation. But I'm a film fan over a Marvel fan and I trust Josh Trank to do a good job.

    The rights are never, ever going back to Marvel Studios, so we might as well enjoy and support Marvel content no matter who publishes it. Especially if it breaks the mould like the upcoming Fantastic Four film looks to be doing.

    It's called "Ultimate Avengers", I think. It was discussed here a while ago. It's coming out soon. Falcon becomes Cap, Iron Man gets a new suit, and Thor is dethroned and a female assumes the title and somehow is officially the deity upon doing so. Yeah.

    It's called Avengers Now, and it looks really promising.