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  1. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for a big impressive display piece. This just seems too much like an oversized playset to justify the $700 it would cost in New Zealand. Hopefully the minifigs won't cost too much on the aftermarket.

  2. Now that the LEGO Creator Expert Detective's Office has been unveiled is has revealed something new to look forward to...

    For those of you that wanted an Avengers Helicarrier is possibly happening. Below it looks we will be getting a UCS Avengers Helicarrier with a small model of the Quinjet next year, please be the size of the LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer :D

    Thanks to ruboand on BricksetForums for pointing it out :)

    While this is interesting, we shouldn't assume that it's the Helicarrier. It could be any number of other things.

  3. There's a really unusual and special point about capitalism - if you don't like it, don't buy it.

    Complaining that something exists that you don't like and therefore that makes you unhappy must lead you to have a pretty miserable life!

    I have no intention of buying it. I'm just not happy that it was chosen instead of a project I would have preferred..

  4. Way, way, way late in posting these here, but oh well! :grin:

    Gambit & Mr. Sinister

    Gambit is mostly purist, but has a custom trenchcoat by Christo. Sinister is 100% purist.



    I really like your Sinister, but I'm not sure on the torso for Gambit. I don't like using torsos backwards because of the shoulder-blade printing.

  5. Something this size would be perfect:


    Could Include the Control Deck with Fury's Station, and a Couple of Computer Banks with Chairs, Then in the Middle the room in which Loki is contained, with real dropping Prison Containment Unit, and at the rear, the Lab, with actual glass blocks used to form the rear wall. Underneath the Body could be an optional Modular Addition of the Insight Control room from The Winter Soldier, with break-apart features. The deck could feature a Helipad and the Control Tower, with a small armory/control station located within the tower, and then plenty of deck details and space, including side-walkways, etc. Would be modular and easily acessible. Twelve Figures Included:

    Nick Fury, Agent Hill, Agent Coulson, Bruce Banner, SHIELD Stealth Strike Cap, The Winter Soldier, Falcon, A new Variant of Iron Man, and 4x SHIELD Agents.

    I'd prefer something larger but flatter. Maybe not quite minifig scale, but more close to movie accurate proportions.

  6. I'd want ten figures. Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, Stealth SHIELD Strike Cap (With Alternate Steve Rogers head), The Winter Soldier, and 4x SHIELD Agents.

    This seems like a good opportunity for LEGO to release all the figures that we couldn't get because there was no Winter Soldier wave of sets. I'm thinking Fury, Hill, Stealth Suit Cap, Black Widow, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and some SHIELD agents.

  7. Autorazr, really, really great work. You do very faithful recreations. However, I am wondering why you only use yellow for your superheroes.

    Your friend, throgthefrog. ;)

    The topic of skin-tone has come up a few times. It basically comes down to personal preference; whether you prefer the more accurate flesh tones, or the more iconic classic-LEGO yellow. I myself am a flesh tone guy, but I can see the appeal of yellow too.

    There's also a wider range of heads and torsos for yellow purist customs.