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  1. These are fantastic. Any chance you could share the decals? I'd also love to know your painting techniques and what kind of paint you use. Thanks.
  2. KingPixels

    People destroying LEGO displays :(

    I assume they're glued and secured. No mall would ever agree to have large loose items above high traffic areas.
  3. I actually own the book, so I can use it as a reference. It's mostly finding Lego parts that match that's the problem.
  4. I'll take a look at it, thanks. Is the game any good? I haven't myself, but recolouring it would be quite a chore, wouldn't it? The actual fig I mean.
  5. KingPixels

    The Extraordinary League of Justice

    Awesome job. Love Flash and Manhunter.
  6. KingPixels

    Steampunk Captains of Industry

    The Dooku head perfectly fits the style. Great figs.
  7. KingPixels

    Professor Quirrell changed colours

    Probably because they didn't want to print brown on and wanted one solid colour with black lines. Yours looks great.
  8. KingPixels

    Annoying lego moments

    Needing that one piece more to complete a MOC but it only comes in an expensive set.
  9. KingPixels

    Weetabix Promotional LEGO sets....

    We have it here in NZ too, called Weet-Bix. I used to live in England though, so I still call them Weetabix.
  10. That's a good idea, I'll have a look at those stores. Thanks.
  11. I'm in New Zealand. I'd like the smoothness of Pick-a-brick without $50 shipping for 5 bricks. Are there any particularly good international bricklink stores?
  12. Sounds great, can't wait to see it. Good idea with the claws, I was wondering how I could do those. How do you think a Thumper could be done? I was thinking of using those cyborg arm pieces with nothing in them.
  13. Thanks for that, although I don't know anyone in the US. I don't know about Bricklink. I think I might just try to buy some sets with parts I need.
  14. That's an awesome idea. You could also use the War Machine torso instead of the Mark VII torso and make a Mark V (suitcase armour).
  15. KingPixels

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Why did you quote that entire post? Seeing as you added nothing and didn't make a comment on it, I would assume you're just 'trolling'. In which case don't.
  16. KingPixels

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks loads to both of you for helping out, I might find a way to add some more red to the torso or legs, other than that I think it looks pretty good. Apostrofree, your link isn't working and I can't find the image going through your photo stream either. Thanks anyway though.
  17. KingPixels

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Hey everyone. I'm in New Zealand, so the official Iron Patriot minifig is an impossibility for me. I have an idea for a purist one, but I don't have all the parts yet. If someone who does have them all could assemble it and take a quick picture so I could see how it looks that'd be awesome. The fig would have: - Captain America torso and legs - dark red hands - dark red Iron Man helmet - silver War Machine mask Thanks in advance if anyone could put this together.
  18. KingPixels

    Review: 76006 Extremis Sea Port Battle

    Great review, nice photography.
  19. KingPixels

    Iron Man - Hall of Armour

    Nice job, especially on the desk.
  20. KingPixels

    (MOC) Tony Stark Learns To Fly.

    That looks great, nice hair on Stark.
  21. KingPixels

    Iron Man 3

    That looks awesome, really nice job.