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    Yet Another Death Star Room

    Wow!! That turned out so well!!! Excellent job on all the details. I especially like how the wall fixtures turned out; they look really good being 3D. I also really like your LED lighting in the cabinets; I'd been knocking around the idea to do that in mine, as well. Thanks for the call-outs to my original design. I'm really glad I could help you out. You've made quite the kick-@$$ Death Star room. Now for some sad news: I have to leave my own Death Star room. I moved from Chicago to Seattle and have put my house up for sale. :( I'm looking for a house to build a new and improved Death Star room... a Death Star II room!! LOL
  2. Chills

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    I can't believe it! WOW!!!
  3. Really nice work. You've really captured the haphazard, trashy, look of the place.
  4. Chills

    The comparison topic

    Very cool; I'm Chills over there, as well. I did a build thread of my TM suit, and also my Death Star room. The helmet looks great.
  5. Chills

    MoC Microfighter Battle of Hoth

    I caught that after seeing your post. Hilarious! Great job on the MOC, Sam.
  6. Chills

    Bricklinking the 10227 B-Wing Starfighter

    I think you did a great job with the B-Wing. I've always loved this fighter, and I was one of the people who jumped on this set when it was 50% off.
  7. Chills

    The comparison topic

    You're doing a TK build? Are you on FISD?
  8. Chills

    REVIEW: 75103 First Order Transporter

    Great review, thanks for posting. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is feeling lukewarm about the new TFA sets. This one is at the top of my list, but I'm not in any rush to buy the sets. Like you guys said, its probably because I haven't seen the movie. Once December rolls around I might be more inclined to break open my wallet. However, this set will probably end up in my collection sooner than that. ;)
  9. Chills

    [MOC] Battle of Endor

    Wow! This is a fun MOC to look at. Very well done, and quite a bit attention to detail. I love how big it is; I especially like the landing pad. Do you just build this as you go, or do you have an overall design you work from?
  10. Chills


    I think you did a great job, with your MOC. It's quite creative, and even if all the details aren't in the books or movies, the base is fun to look at. When it comes to be an Imperial base, you may want to consider adding details that all SW fans are familiar with. Like the vertical light panels on the walls, or the greebling seen in the hangars and command rooms. This would give a lot more depth to an already detailed MOC.
  11. Chills

    [MOC] Errant Venture

    That's exactly who I thought they were when I saw the pics.
  12. I've wanted a room just for my Star Wars stuff since I was a kid in the 80s. Two years ago my wife and I bought our house and it came with a HUGE completely unfinished basement. A blank canvas for which I was to create my masterpiece. After completing numerous projects on the upper levels of the house I finally started my basement in February of this year. And this week I put the finishing touches on my Death Star room. The room is 15'x21' (~5mx7m). There are 5 display cases built into the walls. All of the lighting is operated by motion sensors, and I can also control them with my smart phone. Between the two below are autographed photos of Darth Maul and Darth Vader. One of the signature details of the room are the lighted wall panels, which were very difficult to design and build. The ceiling is a drop ceiling, painted glossy black. Imbedded along the edges are 12 LED puck lights for additional lighting of the display cases. The ducts visible are actually the heating/AC ducts for the house. I left them visible and painted them to give it more of a "Death Star" feel. The south wall holds the ISD, SSD, and Death Star. The wall itself is decorated as a Death Star wall. I made the Star Destroyer shelves myself. One of the easier pieces to build. The Death Star is in a custom display case I designed and built. It actually rotates 360 degrees so one can see all of the details of the set. The pedestal holding the case is where all of the instruction booklets are stored. 5 display cases that are close to being full. I have space for future Star Wars sets. I don't want to fill this up with all 10 photos just of the display cases. You can see my entire collection in the photo bucket link at the end of this post. This is the north wall. I also have a decent sized collection of SW figures still in their packages. The empty space in the middle is the future home of a large TV. This room will become a home-theater in which to watch the entire SW series! The doorway is designed to mirror the one where Luke and Leia got stuck in when being chased and Luke shot the bridge controls. And finally we have the lightsaber and Sith Holocron display. But wait...... It's a door to a hidden storage room, where I have all of my LEGO boxes. I will be adding more detail as time allows. But that's my Death Star room. Now it's time to start building LEGO again! Below are links to the full photo album and a video walk-through of the room. http://s133.photobuc...Death Star Room Hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Chills

    Ultimate Star Wars LEGO Room

    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I was lucky to have a big empty basement when we bought the house. I have spent MANY hours sitting in there, listening to music and building LEGO sets. With the new TFA sets coming out, I anticipate much of my winter will be spent in there.
  14. Chills

    Ultimate Star Wars LEGO Room

    Thanks, Darth_Brick. Interestingly enough pics of my room have been making the rounds on Social Media. The 501st Legion's FB page picked it up and things jus took off. lol The display cases are regular Billy bookshelves from Ikea with glass doors (forget what the Ikea name for the doors are, something like Opblundalk).
  15. Wow, fantastic MOC! Great detail on the dunes and the Star Destroyer. Nice work on the damaged and rusted sections. Poor Star Destroyer; such a majestic ship.
  16. I grabbed the Tyderium from Amazon when they had their "big sale" on Wednesday. 16% off.... not great, but not bad for a set that's been out less than 2 months.
  17. Chills

    [MOD] Another 75054 AT-AT Upgrade

    Overall, really nice MODs to the set. I like your use of tiles to give the walker the armored look. I like your interior, too. The only thing that jumps out at me are the feet; they are just a bit small. Oh wait, the others already said that. LOL
  18. I own one and can tell you there are 4 white boxes inside, plus a cardboard "holder" just for the instruction novel (too big to be a booklet LOL). I think the white boxes inside are numbered, but I have to go home and check. You'll also want to make sure the UCS sticker is in there. I hear that thing goes for a pretty penny.
  19. Chills

    (MOC) Hangar Bay 327

    I love it. Such a great MOC; thanks for posting the additional pictures. I'm just sitting here scrolling back and forth through them.
  20. Chills

    (MOC) Hangar Bay 327

    Brilliant!!! That is an amazing MOC. Not just the immense size, but the attention to detail. I've never seen a UCS Falcon in person, but I know they are really big. And to create a hangar that is the perfect scale... wow! Are you going to put in the area where the droids hid while our heroes were being chased? What about the control room right above it?
  21. Chills

    The Thrawn Trilogy - Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser

    I was thinking the same thing. I bet Markus could make an amazing MOC of the ship. Nice work, as usual, dude!
  22. Chills

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I couldn't agree more. Some folks on this board really get in a twist about their hobby. I can't imagine getting that upset over something I do for fun.
  23. Chills

    [MOC] EpisodeVII - Apoca AT-AT on Jakku

    Absolutely brilliant!! Markus, you've done it again.
  24. Chills

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    Such a beautiful MOC. Nice work recreating it.
  25. Chills

    The comparison topic

    Wow, big difference between the two shuttles. The new one looks WAY better.