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  1. MoonCheese

    Any LGBT people here?

    Then again, this board seems pretty hostile to me. I got a post deleted regarding being transsexual! Why do admins have to delete posts at all? On the boards I posted at in my youth, they'd just shove the unwanted posts into an archive...
  2. MoonCheese

    Canadian Eh?

    Done. I've been to Canada many times and I just think it's better. - Healthcare for all! I'm poor and underemployed, so it's important to me. - Same-sex marriages are allowed - Canada has beautiful cities like Toronto and Montréal, not pits like Detroit (yeah, I know every city has bad areas, but with Detroit like the whole city is the bad area except downtown and around Wayne State) - Easier to deal with the money. In the USA, they're all green, so I have to look at the numbers in the weird stylized 19th-century type. Also, it has "In God We Trust" in the USA and I'm not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. - Canada uses the metric system. Here, it's like people are proud not to know it, and they'd rather divide by 5280 to convert miles into feet. And yes, I do like winter...I could never live in Florida or Arizona, etc. It's like living in an oven.
  3. MoonCheese

    Any LGBT people here?

    Am I the only one? I'm transgendered (want to be a woman but stuck in a man's body) and I'm pretty much bisexual, although I lean toward lesbian.
  4. MoonCheese

    Mega Bloks

    Does anyone other than me rhyme "Mega Bloks" with "spokes"? I do a similar thing with other words that normally have CK and the C was left out, like Nintendo's "Game Paks". To me, the C is what makes the O or A short. I have some, mostly in weird colours (a lot in Army green from a tank my dad got me). I usually don't use them, but I have an area called "Ogelon" for non-Lego parts. The name is from "No Lego" backwards.
  5. MoonCheese

    Ladies, stand up !

    Edited out by CGH, not appropriate for this forum. I'm sure there are other forums to discuss this kinda thing out there Mooncheese.
  6. MoonCheese

    Review: 6034 Black Monarch's Ghost

    This was one of my earliest Castle sets. I didn't get many because I got more into Pirates and such... It's a nice little set though, with a rare part (the ghost shroud). The doors and hinges are also quite useful, and it comes with a knight on a horse! Lego horses seem somewhat rarer these days...
  7. MoonCheese

    Gold rush

    Me, I don't have the requisite brick. It amazes me how people amass huge quantities of a particular non-mundane brick type, like tall slopes, tiles, or just about anything green or brown. I'm guessing Bricklink. I just placed my second Bricklink order ever recently. (Edit: Sorry, I thought it was tiles before, although it still applies to me for the green and brown) Excellent little MOC! Is that a sprue? I guess I'm not the only one who uses those...I like the tree and foliage too. I want to make a tree like that...
  8. MoonCheese

    Canadian Eh?

    I live near Detroit, but I wish I was Canadian. The USA is overrated.
  9. MoonCheese

    Pet Peeves

    One thing I don't like is when people make every store name possessive. Kmart's, Best Buy's, Target's, etc. That's really common around here (I'm a short distance outside of Detroit). Speaking of possessives, I don't like when people use apostrophes for plurals, like tomato's or market's, etc. I've even seen that in German, which doesn't even use the apostrophe in possessives.
  10. MoonCheese

    Bag building

    It's not something I would do, but it seems cool. Don't try to build something that comes in multiple bags in-bag! LOL
  11. MoonCheese

    REVIEW: 10193 Medieval Village Market.

    I highly doubt Lego'll do this, but I want that ponytail piece in green, for a Terra Branford minifig. (that's my avatar)
  12. MoonCheese

    REVIEW: 10193 Medieval Village Market.

    This set is out already? I want it I want it I want it! LOL. Finally Lego makes a civilian set in the Castle line. Hopefully it sells well enough for Lego to get the message that we want civilian sets!
  13. MoonCheese

    Where do you buy your lego from?

    You should have allowed more than one option... Lego Website - Yes, particularly for hard-to-find or S@H-exclusive stuff Local store - Yes, if I can find it, Sometimes, they're cheaper than too. w00t! Only Lego store - No, there are no Lego stores in Michigan. When I was in Germany for studying, I did get some stuff at Legoland (I was in Ulm, the nearest city over 100k people to Günzburg). ebaY - Nah, I don't like bidding. I don't make much money here in the Land of Unemployment, so I want to know how much I'll be paying. Amazon - They sell Lego stuff? Bricklink - I recently placed my first order.
  14. MoonCheese

    Puerto Rodrego

    Español. It has the letter ñ in it. Excellent MOC though. Nice use of SNOT, and the minifig hand farm is funny.
  15. MoonCheese

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    OK, I'm in...