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  1. StanleyRos

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina for 30€, which might seem like a lot but retail price over here in Czech republic is 55€ .. so I'm really glad I got this one for what feels like fair price
  2. This just hurts... cheapest Tie striker in here was never under 50$, or atleast I didnt find any
  3. So X-wing is 79 $ in US and 99 € in EU ... That just hurts
  4. I would expect something along the lines of Krennicks shuttle?
  5. I meant those individual small black pieces on the build itself.. not sure how to name them correctly.. basicaly tank tracks
  6. Why is that Conveyex so expensive? is it because of all those track peices?
  7. Very nice! As mentioned above, the detail in rocks is perfect
  8. StanleyRos

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Here is my Quick Build entry Dangerously close to deadline
  9. Howdy! I have been silently lurking around here since my first "adult" Lego purchase in 2012, ever since, I slowly gained some sets iconic for me which finally allowed me to build my own creations, although the pieces I own are still very limited. I found out about this contest 2 days ago, so this attempt is very much just for fun. For my re-creation I initially chose the entire area of main gun of Hammer station flashpoint from Star Wars: The Old republic as I just love the idea of station being able to basically throw entire asteroids and use them as bombs. But as said above, my limited brick supply wouldn't really cut it. So I chose to recreate my second favourite part of this Mission, which is fight against DN-314 Tunneler. First the screenshot ( Courtesy of youtube user SaintAvalon , I am not currently subrscribed to the game, and I'm not sure if I can enter this flashpoint without it ) screenshot by Stanleyro, on Flickr And here is the quick build itself IMG_0277 by Stanleyro, on Flickr As you can clearly see, I had to take some artistic liberties and cut down some features of the Tunneler to fit with bricks at disposal Some other shots IMG_0274 by Stanleyro, on Flickr IMG_0276 by Stanleyro, on Flickr Hopefully I can find out about the any contest a bit sooner next time Good luck to all participants
  10. StanleyRos

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I'm going to pick up Desert skiff today
  11. StanleyRos

    [MOC] Snowspeeder

    So I finnaly created it in ldd : Snowspeeder parts I'm not good at instructions but i tried my best. you need to slide those side parts to back behind wings and then push it down then just cover holes and the window is pretty easy and visible here
  12. StanleyRos

    [MOC] Snowspeeder

    I will make main parts in lego digital designer and shoot some photos how to put them together
  13. StanleyRos

    [MOC] Snowspeeder

    there are no orange parts in X-wing set though
  14. StanleyRos

    [MOC] Snowspeeder

    Thanks everyone for positive comments i did little tweak on nose so it is not that long and I was even able to get the cockpit opening right..