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  1. Bricktooth

    Any Doctor Who Fans?

    Do you plan on doing the Scream of the Shalka alternative Ninth Doctor?
  2. Bricktooth

    Eleven Doctors-Doctor Who

    I think the Hobbit hair would be great for Eight, too. EDIT: I have seen Hagrid's head used for Two, and I think it fits quite well.
  3. About "Vincent" - One could just say: Amy had a boyfriend but he was erased, he doesn't play a role in this episode. I am thinking about a more serious episode, perhaps Human Nature? Thanks for the help anyways!
  4. What do you think is the best episode to introduce someone to Doctor Who? I was thinking about Vincent and the Doctor, but I would like to hear your opinions!
  5. Bricktooth

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    I just recieved mine. Thanks a lot again!
  6. Bricktooth

    Future of SW Contest: Small Category Voting Thread

    5. Sparkart - Boba's Back.....Pack - 1 point 14. Lobot - The Resurrection of the Emperor - 1 point 16. LukeClarenceVan - Where's Solo? - 1 point 17. Naugem - A Moment In Coruscant - 1 point 18. Pablo94 - The Statue of Darth Vader - 1 point Good luck to everyone!
  7. Bricktooth

    Future of SW Contest: Large Category Voting Thread

    4. Gubi0222 - Rise of the Mandalorians - 1 point 7. Oky - The Ultimate Showdown - 1 point 9. maedhros1980 - Ice Field Chase - 1 point 12. pedro - Escape from Nar Shaddaa - 1 point 13. ACPin - Yoda's Legacy - 1 point Good luck to everyone!
  8. Bricktooth

    Hello from Hungary

    Szia! Great to have another Hungarian member here! You don't need to worry about your English, you will learn a lot just by posting and reading others' comments. I hope you like it here, and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!
  9. Bricktooth

    Hello from Hungary

    Szia! It's good to see another Hungarian on Eurobricks. I hope you will like it here!
  10. Bricktooth

    [MOC] Tumbler Mk.2

    Hello everyone! A couple of months back I posted a Tumbler MOC, which can be found here. Recently, I've revisited it to correct some of the smaller details that really irked me about it, and I ended up rebuilding large chunks of the model. I would have liked to take more pictures, but my camera's battery died, so I couldn't take any more. Since I don't really know what to say about the pictures, let them speak for themselves: Front: Side: Back: Thanks for watching, hope you like it. Comments and criticism are welcome!
  11. Bricktooth

    MOC: Modular "Bishop's Palace" in Debrecen

    Debrecen, yay! Brilliant MOC, the only things I would change is to add another floor and make the roof sand green; otherwise it's fantastic! It's definitely recognisable.
  12. It is eligible. Just another detail I noticed: in the introduction, it says that Vader is talking to his sons, Luke and Leia. I don't think even Disney would make a change like that. Or would they?
  13. Bricktooth

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I just got the CMF Forest Maiden, and was really inspired by it. I think I can get a Forestmen/Outlaws themed freebuild up next week, since I don't have the time to photograph it until then.
  14. Bricktooth

    MOC: The Bat

    Not bad, but I would remove the yellow parts, I just don't think it fits on these vehicles. Also, in the second picture, it looks like some sort of a strange ritual with the minifigs' hands in the air.