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  1. ...and a +1 back to the Masked Builder, top fella :)
  2. Jason8

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    They were on sale at WHS Norwich yesterday (28th June) quite openly, with a sizeable queue.
  3. The Blackhawks is fantastic, well done ;)
  4. Jason8

    Wanted: GB Olympic Minifigs.

    Hi folks I have currently 3 Olympics available in my Bricklink store for swaps ONLY (Catagory not yet available so won't show). Drop by and let me know or PM me here if you would like to trade your doubles. I have the Swimmer, Equestrian and Tennis Player.
  5. Jason8

    Hello to all

    Thanks for that, but what's MOCing? Pardon my ignorance?
  6. I use a Windsor & Newton wash brush for watercolour. It has a variable spread head for finer or stronger brushing. Use it on my military models too, fantastic. Like this one..
  7. Jason8

    Chernobyl AD

    Great work, love the perspective too.
  8. Jason8

    The Amazing Spider-Man

    Looks great, well played ;)
  9. Hi All My lists as follows.. Available for trade: S1: S2: S3: S4: Hockey Player x1 Punk Rocker x2 Werewolf x1 Footballer x1 Street Skater x1 S5: S6: S7: S8: Olympic Team GB: I am looking for: S1: Skater S2: S3: S4: S5: S6: S7: Olympic Team GB: S8: DJ **Please note, all my minifigs are in an 'as purchased' condition and generally with the packets opened to verify contents** I am based in Norwich, England and I ship promptly. Please only offer minifigs of the same condition, I may also consider swaps 'in your favour' for harder to find minifigs. **Please PM me with your offers or email me** You can also visit my Bricklink store 'Jay's Minifig Exchange' Thanks for viewing my lists.
  10. Jason8

    Hello to all

    Hi all My name's Jason and I joined yesterday. Glad to see this is a site for the older collectors out there because believe me I'm old enough to know better Glad to see a thriving customization section too as I love the custom scene. I'm into (Lego wise) Batman, Superheroes, Harry Potter and the collectible series figures. I also have a Bricklink store at 'Jay's Minifig Exchange' and as the name implies I'm more interested in trades (swaps) than selling. SO if that's your kind of deal then please give me a look. Based in Norwich, UK. Cheers everyone.
  11. Hi All New to the forums just yesterday so howdy . I'm pleased to see a customization section and I thought I'd share my Pulp Fiction adaptation with you. I have more in the pipeline, please let me know what you think.