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  1. GloriusShadow

    Fallout 3

    About the some of the tree houses youre right,but some have been built after the war. Computers can run,if they survive the bombs. And the Super Mutants are FEV exposed humans. The Super Mutanst take capatives and dips them in "green stuff" aka FEV And about the sidequests,thats just amazing super awsome many quest on the others. About the crashes doesent occure on xbox,at least not so often. But those are just minor dtails,arent they? You can shoot people in the groin without VATS though Anyways,Id like to what weapons you guys use and armour plus character build ..Heh
  2. GloriusShadow

    Fallout 3

    Glitches? Not hardly,I would say,but there are always some. And all bethesda games Ive played have bad dialoge,just take Oblivion,it really sucks. But Oblivion is one of my all time favourites games. And Its enough sidequest,especially if you do the unmarked ones,but yeah in the start its kinda boring but when youget to higher levels and have enough ammo and medicines to survive it awesome. And I must disagree on the no logic thing.Its a little chaotic,yeah,but atfter all the world has been bombed all over by atombombs. The story was very well played in my opinion and it almost won best story price. But thats really up to yourself to judge. And who wouldnt love VATS? Btw,Are you playing on xbox 360?
  3. GloriusShadow

    Fallout 3

    So any eurobrickers play Fallout 3? If so,Id love to chat.
  4. GloriusShadow

    Chrome black Darth Vader for trade

    Oh,I thought you meant the 24karat gold one. Oh well. ^^
  5. GloriusShadow

    Technic sets from 2009

    What do you mean by Flagship?
  6. GloriusShadow

    Search: Rare Star Wars items!

    I didnt care to read the whole interview,but clearly,the C3POs are 24karat. Steve Witt is an Lego employee after all,he should know it. Behead me if Im wrong
  7. GloriusShadow

    What's in a name ???

    NO! ITS UNFORGIVABLE!!!! But I have an incredible big heart so,yes.
  8. GloriusShadow

    LEGOWorld 2009

    Cool! Im also Norwegian,and Im also in Brikkelauget.
  9. GloriusShadow


    Glad to help ;)
  10. GloriusShadow

    Mega Blocks Gets Halo License

    The end is near- But Mega Blocks isnt in sale here anyway. But anyway..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. GloriusShadow

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    The troll fortress doesent look that good. But the photograf should have taken a picture of the whole thing. But the draw bridge looks excellent. And where is the picture of the offical Mola Ram?
  12. GloriusShadow

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Confidential... Curse the changed eurobricks.....
  13. GloriusShadow

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I deleted it
  14. Well,it was good but very messy. Wasnt she supposed to battle Noland? Sorry but this isnt the best episode. Way too much happening to fast-
  15. GloriusShadow

    Pillage the Village Voting - STAFF

    1.SlyOwl 2.Hinckley 3.Captain Greenhair 4.Phred SlyOwl,You took the cake(which I wanted to eat!) Gratz