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  1. My god, Cosmic Boy! This is fantastic, first (the elusive) Lightning Lad, now Cosmic Boy to the Legion's ranks. Here's hoping for more legionaries, with the printing and armour Lego's been doing recently, I think Wildfire and Mon-El would in particular look fantastic in Lego (hopefully not Matter Eater Lad, though). In all seriousness, based on who've they done so far, I'd place good money on Saturn Girl being next.

    By the looks of the way he's packaged, maybe he's the freebie that Lego give when you spend over £50 or so every so often?

  2. Some superb Dr Who figures on the last couple of pages, I particularly like the Vashta Nerada above, and the Two Ninth's, Harold Saxon, and the Vervoid on the previous page.

    Here's my go at Captain Jack, I'm not 100% sold on the head though, any suggestions would be appreciated!


    Also, as this is TV and Movie:


    Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman from the film, "Hot Fuzz".

  3. I apologise in advance for digging this up, but I thought this was worthy of adding.

    Thunderbirds has been mentioned before here, but what I didn't know till I was reading a recent release, Thunderbirds: The Vault, is that Lego was used to detail control panels in at least one episode of the series, specifically "City of Fire". Below is a photograph I took of the page (third picture in).


  4. I was re-watching one of my all time favourite films the other day, Highlander from 1986, and decided to make a few custom minifigures!


    Connor Macleod/Russell Nash


    Kurgan/Victor Kruger


    And a group shot of both.

    I'm looking at making Ramirez, Kastagir, Brenda Wyatt, and maybe Fasil, in the meantime though, any advise or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  5. I've had about four I believe since I started, the first was a combadge from DS9 (a communications device in the series), and my second and third (and most used) were Lego-ised versions of face palming Picard from Star Trek TNG, made famous via various memes. Why you might ask? Because I love Star Trek, and the latter two were more relevant than the previous one to be used on a Lego site.

    My most recent one, and the one I have now, is a picture of a (model of) 56 ton fire fighting tank crossed with a bulldozer, a rescue vehicle called the Firefly, from a series called Thunderbirds, made in 1965 using Supermarionation, set in 2065, about a family run rescue organisation. Why I have it as my avatar? It's my favourite of the pod vehicles in the show, it's one of my favourite fictional vehicles of any series, and I've been trying to get a decent model of it since I was a kid, and finally got one a couple of months back, and I decided to change my profile picture to celebrate.

    Great idea for a topic, by the way!