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    Red Dwarf custom minifigures

    Heppeng Haha, sounds like first degree toasterside. Nice to see another fan! Thanks about them, I'm very much of the same opinion, I spent hours looking for a head, body, and hair that suits Listey and Rimmer, but alas that was the best I could do. Everything that's close isn't great in some way, Mutt William's jacket torso from Indiana Jones has the the jacket open, but no badges, and more importantly, the shirt under the jacket is clean, no Curry stains to be seen anywhere on it. The same for Rimmer, nothing is quite right, it's either too bland or too detailed for his shirt and quite a few hairstyles obscure the H on his head. Artanis I Glad you like them. It probably is the lighting, I've changed my "studio" since I last took Lego pictures, and I'm still adjusting to it. The head is the same colour as his hands, if that helps. I'm not 100% sure about the hair. Is it a new piece? Thanks for the suggestions, after a brief look over Bricklink, for Lister, I've got a few ideas based on your suggestion. I'll see if I can get some pictures of them tonight. This hairpiece? http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=99930 I've tried just tried it and it looks pretty damn good, not to mention it doesn't cover his H. I've also got a head in mind that I'll post with Lister. Kryten wise, I was going for his season 3-4-5, maybe later look, with the black panels instead of the grey he had later: http://pthumb.lisimg...666/411full.jpg I may try the grey though. I'd like to make them in flesh too, but the honest truth is that I don't have the spares to make it a viable option at the moment! Holly! Er, maybe Lister left the bath running for 9 years and fused the circuits like in the show? No, I'm working on him/her, just not sure what version to go for at the moment (though I'm leaning in the Hattie Hayridge direction at the moment). mmcclelland I hadn't considered it, thanks for the suggestion! So after half an hour googling, here are my options, costume wise for Rimmer: Shirt and tie: http://media1.break....nold Rimmer.jpg Blue Jacket: http://www.reddwarf....ostumes-15l.jpg Blue suit: http://img1.wikia.no...0x960Rimmer.jpg Red suit: http://i.kinja-img.c...10226921798.jpg And...green suit (I forgot how much stuff he wore): http://www.prowritew...ages/rimmer.jpg In addition to mmcclelland's suggestion of the shirt, I've got a green jacket that has the same pattern as the blue jacket, and I've got something similar to the blue jacket that I'll try. Lister wise, I've got a choice of two torso's, the one I used, or a 90's back jacket with a red undershirt, similar to what Lister wore recently: http://www.ganymede....s/deardave1.jpg Do you think I should keep the hat I've got for Lister? Or try and find some dreadlocks for him? And one, final, thing. While I'd love to make a Polymorph to menace my other space folk, I've thought about making this guy: http://www.virginmed...-5-Stoke-Me.jpg Crocodile surfing and all to put in my space bar with the Dwarfers. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, they're very much appreciated!
  2. "Door slams Music starts" "My greetings and felicitations to you all. How great of you to drop in, how absolutely smashing. General Trelane, retired, at your service, my home is your home." "Welcome to an island of peace on my stormy little planet called Gothos." "Retired sir, just squire now, and you may call me squire, yes I rather fancy that." "You must excuse my whimsical way of fetching you here, but when I saw you passing by I simply could not resist! I can't tell you how delighted I am to have visitors from the very planet I've made my hobby." "Ah yes, I've been looking on the lively adventures of your little earth! Oh really, have I made an error in time? How fallible of me, oh I so wanted you to feel at home." "I must say say they make a perfectly exquisite display pair, but I suppose you want to see the rest, I'm quite proud of the detail." "Imprisoned? Nonsense! Your my guests! " So, next up in my Star Trek marathon, TOS, the original series, or as Mr Scott said: "N-C-C one seven oh one. No bloody A, B, C or D." Before, I start, no Uhura. I still need to get Storm's head, so she's omitted. I want to do my best in making these, so instead of a half made figure I made the move to leave her out. She will be made, though. Also, descriptions will be sparse. It's after twelve here in the UK, and I've been working on these for two hours, so I'll come back and edit these later. Captain Kirk "I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!" Commander Spock ​"Fascinating." Dr McCoy "In this galaxy, there's a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that... and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don't destroy the one named Kirk." Lt Commander Scott (Scotty) "I canna change the law of physics! I've got to have 30 minutes!" Lt Sulu "Don't call me Tiny" Ensign Chekov "Give some more blood, Chekov. The needle won't hurt, Chekov. Take off your shirt, Chekov. Roll over, Chekov. Breathe deeply, Chekov. Blood sample, Chekov. Marrow sample, Chekov. Skin sample, Chekov. If-if I live long enough, I'm going to run out of samples." Nurse Chapel "[scott enters Sickbay and sees Nurse Chapel slapping the unconscious Mr. Spock] What are you doing, woman? Leave me alone! Have ya gone daft? Mr. Spock needs me!" Lt Kyle Not "technically" all redshirts, but still background characters. Guess who's going with the big three down to the "not so hostile" hostile planet to die? You never know, it maybe season 1, and it'll be the guy on the far left... (the legs look terrible on the woman on the right, I'm fixing them now so ignore the messiness of it.) Kor, Koloth, and Kang (WIP) Trelane, retired Khan "I have five times your strength. You're no match for me!" Gary Seven (I really need a Lego pen and a black cat now) He's dead Jim (you grab his keys, I'll grab his wallet) Credit for the uniforms goes to the designer of the stickers I got. Credit for how to do the skirt designs on Nurse Chapel, the Yeoman, and future figs, was an idea my girlfriend gave me while I showed her some of my Superhero figs (it's a similar technique I use for adding boots to various superheroes). Comments? Criticisms? Suggestions? Questions? Anything, either way, is always welcomed. Sorry in advance for any spelling and grammar mistakes, Enjoy!!
  3. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Thanks everyone, It's very much appreciated. I should have some new stuff coming up in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled as they say here in the UK!
  4. Dr Leg O Brick

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I was going to buy the Hulkbuster for £7, then I saw I could get a set of Iron Man's and the Hulkbuster for £13, nicely packaged too, and well, I bought it. No idea if anyone's posted pictures, as I'm in a more or less Lego community dark age, still, in the event anyone want's to see some pictures, here you go! He can pick up official Lego figures too, so even your smaller Hulk (if you have one) isn't safe And my set of Iron Men (excuse my desk intruding on the picture) Overall, unbelievably impressed. I've been saying I'll buy some of these folk for ages, to harvest the parts for my own creations, but I'm more likely now to just swap the heads, arms, and legs (where applicable) with the real stuff, or even leave them as they are (in the case of the original suit and black/gold/white suits). And the Hulkbuster...that's what sold me on all this. A fantastic, fantastic figure, well worth any sort of money, and even elbow joints! A great surprise.
  5. Dr Leg O Brick

    BLOCKS Magazine- Your Thoughts?

    I do believe they are hiring, it's in one of the sections I think. I got mine on Saturday, I'm very impressed. Nice quality, great info, very nicely structured, perhaps one or two things I'd change, but that would be overtly nitpicking, and a bit unfair too at this stage. I'm looking forward to seeing this evolve.
  6. Dr Leg O Brick

    Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures...

    I'm not sure myself about the new Doctor, I believe where eight episodes in, and from my memory, the first eight of Eccelston's, Tennent's, and Smith's where all, in my opinion, better than some of those aired so far (though I did love Listen). Still, I'm going to give the guy time. One more thing, after watching the last episode, I'm getting more and more convinced this regeneration is what the Valeyard originated from. EDIT: In addition, I thought tonight's episode was fantastic, my guess as to who the woman is at the end of most episodes? (don't read on if you don't want to find out) The Rani
  7. I pretty much agree with everything that SMC has said, and others. I feel this is a fantastic site, and very well maintained, particularly with the amount of posts this place gets and the scope of different people who frequent here. There has been times when I've felt the MOD's could have dealt with things better, or have disagreed with a decision they've made, or haven't made. But to be honest, I don't believe I can add anything constructive to what others have said, plus, I'm no moderator, and have never been in my life, so I have no frame of reference, just an informed opinion based on current facts and events. I'm very glad someone has started a topic like this.
  8. Dr Leg O Brick

    survey Picture versus Video Reviews

    I much prefer a picture review, because I can savour the pictures of the set. I don't have to pause or fast forward though the review to get to the part I want, and sometimes the video is poorly done (In the dark, being filmed on a carpet etc). But that's not to say I don't love some of the exceptional video reviews done with impeccable skill, not meaning to name drop, but I regularly and religiously watch just2good's, Jangbricks, and a few others Youtube videos.
  9. Dr Leg O Brick

    Town/City MOC's/MOD's by Dr Leg O Brick

    Ever since I started collecting Lego and visiting EB back in 2008, I've loved Town/City stuff, probably due to my love of building cities with Matchbox cars and cardboard boxes when I was a kid. So, with all that in mind, I thought after years of visiting and enjoying the Town forum, it was about time I put something back. I plan to add something every week, whether that be a four wide car or a Police complex, so stay tuned! My first model I present is actually a MOD of sorts. I recently got a lot of Lego that's, basically, a jumble of 20 town sets half complete, so instead of sitting under my layout gathering dust, I decided I'd pick out some useful cars/trucks/vans via Brickset, vehicles I'd got nothing similar to in my collection, and build them via Peeron with various changes. This MOD is one such set. Based on 105 Canadian Mail Van, ( http://brickset.com/.../105-1/Mail-Van ) it's a van (how exciting)! I changed the colours, and changed some of the parts here and there, but I made sure I retained the classic feel. It's meant to have a refrigeration unit in the back, to transport fresh produce around my city. Meet Tom, the driver. (I knocked the door slightly while taking photos, so just ignore the misaligned door!) A side view, you can see how I achieved the white-blue-white look. You can also (just about) see the radio aerial I attached to the roof. A side view, not the added tail lights and the afore mentioned aerial. A back view. I added a small step for Tom to unload his cargo. Tom shows off the rear doors. "Nothing to see here folks.." he says. Only items that are 2X2 fit in the back, but Lego's smallest crate variety will fit fine. Tom shows the cab. I added nothing inside, so just your regular steering wheel. Wait a minute, who's that with the shot gun? It's Captain Black of Captain Scarlet fame! Looks like he has other plans for the truck's contents... If you have any questions, criticisms, suggestions, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Enjoy!
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    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    You can't be serious. More exclusives, I hope they're released later on in different forms, if not I'll be seriously annoyed, like last year, and the year before...
  11. Dr Leg O Brick

    Other hobbies beside Lego?

    Drawing and writing on a non professional basis, reading, lots of reading, watching a lot of TV, a bit of cooking, and a bit of amateur action figure customization. I used to love playing music though, and jogging.
  12. Dr Leg O Brick

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Probably the same as many, space, in particular classic space, Blacktron, M-Tron, Ice-Planet, and Space Police, Wild West, Crusaders, Black Falcons, Black Knights, and Forestmen, and some more regular (i.e. non emergency, bike shop, or Pizza related) shops and services in the classic open back format for City. Other than all that? I'd love Rock Raiders and/or Power Miners (or maybe, like one of KDog's comics, Rock Raiders Vs Power Miners!) to return, plus Johnny Thunder. So many good themes Lego have done, you don't quite realise how many there really is until you start naming them.
  13. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Very true, and thanks Sandy for the comment! As mentioned in my first post, the price for the Storm head is quite excessive, last time I looked at least, and I'm living of microwaved baked beans as it is! I have made a body, ala Nurse Chapel and the Yeoman in style, but the only way I could have posted a pic was if I used a blank dark skinned head. Uhura deserves more than that, so instead of posting a half done one, I'd thought I'd leave it, hence also why no group shots are present, unlike my other Trek crews I've posted. I am in the process of acquiring a head, though, but it'll be a few months.
  14. Dr Leg O Brick

    What music do you listen while MOCing?

    Dean Martin, though I listen to him all the time anyway, I find it particularly relaxing while building.
  15. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Understood, sorry to step out of line! I'll keep it to the PM facility from now on.
  16. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    I'm glad you approve! Ah, I know the ones! Great find! I am. Let the battle commence, as it where! All correct, damn, I'm going to have to try harder. To answer: - Leila and Spock, This Side Of Paradise - KHAAANNN! (sorry, I couldn't resist), Space Seed - Spock and T'Pring, Amok Time Well, to be honest, yes and no, I plan on making maybe Nero, Ambassador Spock and John Harrison, in the future at some point, but beyond that, I'm afraid, no plans for anyone else from the Abrams universe. I am planing on others from TNG and DS9 though (and of course TOS). More quotes! "I just think your behaviour is arrested" "I ain't never been arrested in my whole life." "I don't trust men who smile too much" (This one's a hard one as it's not exactly a TOS quote. I've got to try to outwit you somehow, haven't I? ) "I was never that young" "No, you were younger" "Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word."
  17. Dr Leg O Brick

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I concur, that Warpath is fantastic! Angel's great too.
  18. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Damn! I'm an idiot! I was watching Wrath Of Khan while posting, everything kind of got messed up in my head. "From hell's heart I stab at thee. For hates sake, I spit my last breath at thee." Excellent, you'll have to tell me how good they are. What size, may I ask, are they? To answer your quotes: Mudd's wife, Stella Mudd I think, and Mudd (I, Mudd) Kirk (The Search For Spock) Kirk and Bones (The trouble with tribbles) Samuel T Cogley (Court Martial) Are you challenging me, to a duel, my friend? Oh well, what the hell, more quotes! "Even historians... fail to learn from history. They repeat the same mistakes." "Well, you, you people certainly have interesting problems. I'd, uh... I'd love to stay around to see how your girlfriend works out, but..." "I said get back to your station." "No, sir." "This is mutiny, mister." "Yes, sir. It is." "Well, maybe that's okay for someone like you, whose career is winding down. But me, I need some excitement, some adventure... maybe even just a surprise or two."
  19. Dr Leg O Brick

    Custom Kre-O Decals

    Very nice Chang torso, great work! Very nice gold detailing on his chest for his sash. Him, along with Khan and Dukat, are some of my favourite villains from Trek. Who's next, might I enquire?
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    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Well, I started building, rather than planning yesterday. To quote Captain Sisko, "There comes a time in every man's life when he must stop thinking and start doing". I can post a small teaser, if you like. I've got a few things going on but this, project, has taken priority. It'll perhaps be the end of July/start of August, but it will be done, I hope. Hahaha, I'm going to have to go out and buy him now! I was impressed by the special effects they've done for Gothos, the electrical storms etc. I've got the entirety of TOS re-mastered recorded, but it's been a good while since I'd seen Gothos. And Arena was as good as always, just a shame us fans never get a good look at the Gorn ship in the episode. Correct again! You're giving me a run for my money, as it where. To answer: Saavik (Wrath of Khan) Abraham Lincoln (The Savage Curtain) Dr M'Benga (A Private Little War, I think?) And my last batch of quotes, I may add more in a reply though! (Mwhahahaha!) "You are a superior being. Why do you not command?" "Still up to your little game of replicas? Which are you this time, real or not? "You are evidently a suicidal maniac." "I do not "make off" with things. My need gave me the right to use the ship. Mark the word, sir - the "use" of it." "You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon." "taH pagh, taH be?" I'll go and have a look!
  21. Dr Leg O Brick

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I like the mutant gang member at the far back behind Ventriloquist and Scar face. Nice find!
  22. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Well, I am working on something, but it may not be "big". It requires quite a few parts, and I've had to work three more hours the last month or so at work, hence partly why I've been so quiet. Sounds good, I'm thinking of painting that cat instead of the older version. Maybe both.... Right on all counts! Just to clear possible confusion up, the Space Port's one for my City, a stone knives and bear skins port compared to TOS. Still, if your interested, just say and I'll fire a PM out to inform you when it's up. My guesses: - Horta - Colonel Green, WW3 mass murderer (I'm actually reading a pretty interesting TOS/TNG/DS9/ENT short story with him in at the moment) - Kirk and Yarnek, the Excalbian (not sure I've got that spelling correct) - Sybok? Been awhile since I saw Final Frontier Thanks for that, are you watching the Galileo Seven that's on now? May I test your knowledge once more? More ideas from my note book: "Constantinople, Summer 1334. It marched through the streets, the sewers. It left the city by oxcart, by sea, to kill half of Europe. The rats, rustling and squealing in the night as they, too, died. The rats... " "You, Captain Kirk, the disobedience was on your orders. Yours is the responsibility. Yours shall be the pattern of your death." (A harder one) "My first impression WAS correct - you ARE a barbarian." "He's a fool. A fool! He'd seen those points and he hadn't noticed their condition." "How do you know?" "The image of what he'd seen was still in his mind." (An easy one) "I'm Captain Kirk. I'm Captain Kirk!!!"
  23. Dr Leg O Brick

    Star Trek The Original Series customs

    Thanks!! And sorry for the belated reply. Rinzler, I am impressed by your TOS quote knowledge! You are correct, though I'm more looking at Rojan than Tomar in regard to the Kelvan's. My printers bust, it's been that sort of week(s), so I just grabbed what I could find to take the pics. A further test of your quote knowledge! These aren't set in stone, as it were, but just a few (highly likely) ideas for the future: "Approach me!" "We're busy!" "Kracko's put the bag on your Captain." "Why would he put a bag on the Captain?" "Kidnapped him, you dope." ​"Threats are illogical, and payment is usually expensive." "[anguished] Don't you think I know that? There was, but not anymore! They called me; they BEGGED me for help, four hundred of them! I couldn't... I-I couldn't..." "THAT was the equation. EXISTENCE!... SURVIVAL... must cancel out... programming!" Oh, and I did this earlier. It certainly could be better, and it needs a black cat, but, "Mrrrwhhhmmm." "Yes, thank you. I know how to open it." Enjoy!
  24. Dr Leg O Brick

    MOC City Post Apocalyptique

    I love this! The ice effect in particular is suitably impressive, and I like the Terminator running around, throwing people around, outside the Bar.
  25. Dr Leg O Brick

    very rare mini figure

    The rarest fig I can see is the old Peter Parker torso (I think...) from the Studios line.