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    Heroclix, Marvel Legends, watching Star Trek on a regular basis, and reading alot of comics (57 comics and 41 graphic novels in the last two months).
  2. Dr Leg O Brick

    What are you listening to?

    I myself listen to mostly jazz/swing and most 80s music. Curently listening to Queen, Ultravox and The Jam at the moment.
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    Hello Eurobricks!

    Thanks its nice to have such a good friendly community here. As for MOCs, ive got a rubbish camera and an even more rubbish phone. But once I get a new camera, my MOCs will come flying (Spanish ship MOC first I think). BTW, I negleted to mention in my original post that I live in the UK, and have supplied some info in the UK sales thread for thoose intrested.
  4. I have had a few, I bought a few sets in 2001, then none till 2005. Bought a few that year and again none till 2009 and havent stopped since.
  5. Dr Leg O Brick

    The Black Seas Barracuda mark II

    Amazing ship Yawgmoth! I bought a BSB spare lot for £35 recently, and suprisingly it had alot of the oringnal parts. I ended up doing something like yours but smaller. As Im not well versed in ship knowledge, I will leave that side to the experts. I think its amazing how you have left the charm and the looks of the ship, so much so I can look at it and know what it originaly was, but added what the original lacked. One question, how many BSBs did it take to build this?
  6. Dr Leg O Brick

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    Amazing I must say. I have watched this topic since the begining and look foward to seeing it finished. You have given me a lot of ideas to add to my tiny castle layout. Good luck in completeing this masterpiece.
  7. Dr Leg O Brick

    UK Sales

    House of Fraiser stock a very good selection of Lego (at least in Birmingham), including the City Farm, City corner, the smaller sets from the Kingdoms line, some old impulse sets and some other EOL sets at RRP. They also had the second wave of Power miners and Space Police a few years ago. Deffently worth a look.
  8. Dr Leg O Brick

    Uses for Flick-Fires

    I sometimes use them as clubs for my Police force or add a stud on the end and use them as energy weapons for my Blacktron squad. Like cattle prods or Klingon pain sticks from Star Trek. I also used two for a pop off roof for my Batmobile, like it did in some episodes of BTAS.
  9. Dr Leg O Brick

    Classic Pirates Or POTC?

    Both! I love Classic Pirates and in some way prefer them to POTC, but without the latter we wouldnt have pieces like the rum bottles, the sword holders, the black prefabs, or a host of other pirate parts as noted by other posters in this topic.