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  1. Hello i'm new

    Hello, I'm 13 and I'm French (that's why I made ​​mistakes in English ) I would make my job legos and then I think that's all !
  2. Commerce Challenge: Woodward Stables

    It's sooo funny , i like to use parts of the minifig frankenstein ! Nice use of lego mosaic for walls !
  3. Wow, the centaurs are really cool I love the one with wings! This is a great moc !
  4. Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    Thank you , for your help !
  5. Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    But it tells me that I did not have permission to view member profiles !
  6. Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    Escuse me ,I want to know how to attach a signature to my messages and how deans make a avatar please ?
  7. Astromech Workplace Contest: R2-P2

    Hello , escusez me for any mistakes in English, because I'm French and I do not often post messages at this time because I built my moc for the astromech workplace contest ! Otherwise how did you make the piece windshield of the chevrospeeder ?
  8. Astromech Workplace Contest:Astromech Gym

    This is so funny !
  9. ok, I'll incorporate LEDs in my moc !
  10. hello I'm new to the forum, I wonder if the LEDs were allowed (even if they are not lego) Thank you. Escusez me for spelling mistakes or possible because I'm French.