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  1. Torgar

    Book II Challenge III Dwarven Affairs

    Wow, amazing Ecc! I'm late to the party here, but put me down for the Dwarven side if possible.
  2. Torgar

    Dragon Masters: Along the Watchtower

    Amazing Z, great continuation of the story and excellent build! Though I must say, builds of this size are much cooler in person. This tower is massive. The Zugal have been delayed, but don't worry, I've got something coming as soon as I have time!
  3. I like the tree and the ruins, nice job!
  4. Torgar

    Mount-up! The Snowvenom Dragon!

    Really nice, I like the shaping on the legs.
  5. Torgar

    Mount Up! The Nocturnus Rous

    This thing is terrifying, excellent entry!
  6. Torgar

    Daydelon Sheep Farm

    Very nice SK, I love the color scheme.
  7. Torgar

    Mount up! - The Undead Ice Dragon

    Amazing, I can't wait to see the rest!
  8. Torgar

    Mount Up: Armored Wyvern

    Awesome ME, I love the teeth!
  9. Very nice, I love the fence.
  10. Torgar

    Fishing tales from Nocturnus

    Awesome, I like your signature studs out texture. It works great for the tentacles!
  11. Torgar

    Mount up! Elefantoulis

    Very cool Mount, I like the trunk and tusks.
  12. Torgar

    HSS Belynia: Blacksmith

    Crazy colors! I really like the roof.
  13. Torgar

    [MOC] Fire ant Water

    Really nice, I love the dragon.
  14. Torgar

    War Troll!

    Awesome, really cool shaping on the head. Great job!