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    Architecture 2017

    Great news thank you!
  2. gregrichards

    Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    I'm not a fan of this it's not as good as the Mini but I'm glad so many people like it so that more vehicles will be considered by Lego in the future.
  3. gregrichards

    [VIDEO] Big Ben Review (10253)

    I don't think Big Ben large scale and Tower Bridge go together. Tower Bridge looks cartoonish like a toy and large scale Big Ben looks like a magnificent detailed larger architecture set. Thats just my own opinion. I'm looking forward to buying large scale Big Ben. Thank you for making these videos.
  4. gregrichards

    Discussion: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    That's Big Ben.
  5. gregrichards

    10244 Fairground Mixer

    I am a VIP member and I went to the link you provided and it shows add to bag for Canada but June 1st for the UK where I am. I just wanted to post this in case it helps any Canadians who are VIP members get this set early.
  6. gregrichards

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Don't be shocked if it is announced at the Philly brick fest this Saturday just a hunch I have.
  7. gregrichards

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    The new trains are not due till August I am saving up to hopefully get the new passenger train and station then.
  8. gregrichards

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    It looks like the new trains and station are coming out in August which is good as it gives me more time to save up. Will the UK price of the high speed passenger train be £100 do you think? It may be more I am sure the new station will be £50.
  9. gregrichards

    Are Horizon Express power functions difficult?

    Thank you for all your replies. I am going to get the set again soon and display it with the new high speed passenger train when it comes out in August. I have already got the current train station but will get the new one as well. I am 29 years old but have physical disability problems with my hands, back and legs. I do lego to de-stress I have peace and quiet and thoroughly enjoy building things . I don't like sets that are too complex or frustrating and I am not as skilled as all of you all are at building more difficult sets. I have never built a set with power functions before so I was just worried it would be too complicated but I will give it a go.
  10. Horizon Express power functions are they easy to do if you have never built a lego train before? I got this set for Christmas but sold it unopened a few weeks ago because I felt it would be too complicated for me as I have never built a lego train before. I have built Tower Bridge and other more complex sets though. Unfortunately the horizon express kit is not available in the UK anymore. I intend to buy the new white passenger train in June and the new train station. I have track already and the current train station. I would love to have the white passenger train which should be easy to build due to its age category run alongside horizon express if I can build it. My concerns are that horizon express will be too hard to build for me, the power function parts don't look that easy to install, there is no on/off button that I can see so how does that work? do you have to take the train apart each time you run it? I wondered if the passenger train will look too sleak and modern compared to the horizon express which is not a sleek looking in my opinion. The power functions with rechargeable battery are not cheap so I thought about buying them on ebay or I could by the red passenger train for power function parts and the lights separately. Does anyone have any advice for me? Will horizon express be out a while yet do youthink before it is discontinued.
  11. gregrichards

    News LEGO Architecture 2014 News & Discussion

    A member of staff at Marina Bay Sands emailed last Friday that they had got more stock in and if I still wanted one. I told him I no longer wanted the set I would rather have trevi fountain instead. I didn't think Marina Bay Sands was worth paying over £100 for it's not that nice a set. So I am going to get trevi fountain, the new train station and new passenger train coming out in June instead. I just wanted to let anyone know if they want the set that they can contact Marina Bay Sands and ask.
  12. Does anyone have an idea about the release date of either of these sets in the UK is it March 1st? It is strange they are not being sold here yet when they have been sold in the USA and Canada for a couple of months now.
  13. Does anybody know if and when the following creator sets Forest Animals 31019 and Furry Creatures 31021 will be available in the UK? I understand they have been available in the US and Canada since 1st of December 2013. I am looking forward to getting them when they are released.
  14. gregrichards

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    The restaurant can now be pre-ordered for shipping by January 1st in the UK here is the link sorry if you already know this.
  15. gregrichards

    News LEGO Architecture 2014 News & Discussion

    Lego architecture Eiffel Tower is now available at the lego store at least here in the UK for £29.99. I am tempted to buy Parisian Restaurant to complete it.