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  1. My rendition of Queen Amidala & Handmaidens
  2. 1devils1

    See through decals?

    It's all dependant on the varnish you use. I use Colour Protection CD Spray (2 good coats) The torso shines It's about £10 a 400ml tin but does go a long way
  3. 1devils1

    an alternative to brasso?

    I use a stanley knife. (Use a brand new blade) Works really well for me and it takes no time at all.
  4. Welll done. The body is a cut down Watto - Off with his head and wings Before anyone gasps it was a failed cast of watto not original.
  5. Anyone want to take a stab at what is going to be?
  6. 1devils1

    Making decals

    Once the decal is applied it's all down to the varish you use afterwards.. Water based varnish will dry the same colour as the decal - ie White shows up as white. Solvent based varnish will dry clear - ie white is transparent. Remember that if you put light colours (decal) onto a dark coloued torso and use solvent based varnish the colour of the torso will overpower the decal colour. You should play around a little - work on the theory that dark torso - Water based - Light torso Solvent based varnish
  7. 1devils1

    ** WIP ** Bossk & Gunray

    Okay, Here is Bossk, Not sure which colour suits best. Also the picture does not look the best - Camera picks up all the imperfections that my eyes can't see. Enjoy The heads for both figures are solid plastic
  8. 1devils1

    ** WIP ** Bossk & Gunray

    Finished Gunray. I'll post some pictures of Bossk tomorrow. Thanks for the great comments.
  9. 1devils1

    How to make capes at home

  10. 1devils1

    How to make capes at home

    The problem with making your own capes is freying of materials. From what I've found there are 2 solutions. 1. Use a none frey material PVC etc 2. You can use cotton etc but before cutting it use an anti frey spray.
  11. 1devils1

    ** WIP ** Bossk & Gunray

    It's Plastiline, I've poored the rubber over them,which creates the 1st part of the mold (Just need to wait 16hrs now for it to cure) Colour will be added to the plastic solution once the 2nd part of the swish mold is complete.
  12. 1devils1

    ** WIP ** Bossk & Gunray

    Thanks They are the posatives for molding then I'll use a plastic compond with die to create the finished peices.
  13. Work in progress Clay models almost ready for casting.. Bossk Gunray A little rough in some places which show up more on the photos
  14. 1devils1

    LEGO Fez

    Cut the stem off one of these. - There will be a hole left for some black cotton