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    Ideas For A Gearbox To PF Switch

    What? when will the servo motor hit german stores ?
  2. Identic

    john deere 4940

    I do love german cars, but sometimes i really enjoy the sound of an american v8 ;) I´d love to see Lego make Tractors..the Unimog was a good start, but there´s is room to go...Great, now i can´t stop thinking about a working Lego version of the 4940
  3. Identic

    john deere 4940

    Thinking about it, my sprayer´s center section is a lot more complicated compared to the american version (because the chemicals are way more expensive here in Germany, farmers try to cover the ground as precise as possible) in the european version, the whole boom swings around a center pivot to make it follow the shape of the ground the american version has hydraulics between the center section and the wings to change the angle It would be way easier to explain this in german edit: for the last 3 weeks i used this combination It´s a rough change from the self propelled sprayer to the trailed version ^^
  4. Identic

    john deere 4940

    Hi, i drive a version of the real thing and, if you want, can provide some pictures.. The real sprayer´s boom is a complex structure made of several elements to make ist rigid, i added a picture to describe it greetings from Germany, Moritz.