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  1. TheLegoNinja

    WIP HMS Lusankya

    please dont bump old topics thank you
  2. TheLegoNinja

    CCCX - Life in the Shade of History

    Wonderful MOC! I love the use of cheese slopes for the windows!
  3. TheLegoNinja

    Bluecoats, ye be warned - this means war!

    Wonderful Tech! I hear that we are developing a automatic cannon for ships as well!
  4. TheLegoNinja

    Mitgardian Prime Minister Election Round 2

    Wonderful entry! I am looking forward to this election! what torso/legs did you use?
  5. TheLegoNinja

    Lost on ice

    Wonderful Vig, I love the penguin! Got something against studs do you?
  6. TheLegoNinja


    wonderful scene! I beleive the snow adds to the scene nicely. So does the alien kill all the grunts with his mind ray?
  7. TheLegoNinja

    RvB part II: Artillery

    Wonderful Idea! With luck, They might manage to miss their cafeteria. Then we could show them that we can eat just as well as we fight!
  8. TheLegoNinja

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    Practice Makes Perfect by DarthNick: 1pt. Thor's Day Off by MadAboutLego 1pt Superhero Bowling by thefourmonkeys 1pt
  9. TheLegoNinja

    Tournament of Retribution III Avatar Authorization

    1.) TheLegoNinja 2.) 3.) Redcoats FOR THE WIN!
  10. TheLegoNinja

    TIE/I MOC Help needed

    maybe you could use the cheap version with the printing from the republic gunship?
  11. TheLegoNinja

    The pas de charge

    Please dont bump old topics!
  12. TheLegoNinja

    The Future of Star Wars Contest

    Wonderful! Now i can finally build mocs about Admiral Thrawn with some purpose!
  13. TheLegoNinja

    Tournament of Retribution III Avatar Authorization

    I will have a picture in a day or so my camera is currently broken and is getting fixing.
  14. TheLegoNinja

    Returning to Valholl

    I beleive he used a similar method to the one TLG used in the Uruk-Hai battlepack set for the castle. This is a very nice moc. I love the gate!
  15. TheLegoNinja

    Ideas for changing the 9474 Battle of the Helms Deep

    I think that it would be nice to build up under the walls some rocks. this would allow a nice descent into the water and define the shoreline. also you might want the modify the soldier's fort with grey so it better matches the 9474.