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  1. Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    Wow, so glad I managed to make it to the podium. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and congrats to the other winners. There were many great entries.
  2. REVIEW: 75171 Battle on Scarif

    Nice review, agree that it seems expensive for what you get.
  3. Republic Gunship

    This looks very nice, the curves look great!
  4. Resistance M-Wing

    Nice ship!
  5. [Thrawn] - The Hidden Enemy

    Thanks for the comments! Man, it was quite a rush to complete the build in time. It got very challenging to figure out ways to use the parts I had to fill in the large scene, and because of that I had to switch gears multiple times and ended up with something completely different to what I had in mind at the beginning. The overall story itself and the Thrawn vignette didn't change at all, but somehow the mech-house that looked like a rock in a rocky landscape that I had originally planned to build turned into a temple with a hole in the ground in a heavily vegetated landscape. Anyway, despite the rush and the scrambling for parts, I really enjoyed the challenge as it pushed me quite out of my range (I thought I only had spaceships in me). Good luck to everyone else who entered the contest!
  6. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Here's my entry: The Hidden Enemy
  7. Chimaera Star Destroyer Captain Pellaeon: Admiral, our base on the planet Kinnorx has been sabotaged again. There is no trace of the perpetrators. That planet has been abandoned for centuries, not even smugglers go there. Thrawn: Isn't that odd Captain? Captain Pellaeon: The records mention strange accidents happening there. That might account for the lack of settlers. Thrawn: That planet has been uninhabited for centuries, with the sparse ruins of an ancient city the sole remainder of its former dwellers. This mural was reconstructed from those ruins, and it dates back to the time when this route was first discovered. Thrawn: If you look at it closely, you'll realize that whoever made this painting valued isolation, and more than that, suffered extreme xenophobia. No one knows what became of that race, but given the recent developments, I propose that they still lurk there, hiding as a way of life. While I wonder at their military strength, the fact that they left no trace intrigues me. Their hiding skills and their stealth technology might be of benefit to the Empire. Captain Pellaeon: But Sir, we haven't been able to find anyone. Even our scanners don't pick up anything. Thrawn: They might have developed technology to evade scanners, or simple eyesight, but there are other ways to smoke out a prey, Captain. There are creatures much better suited for tracing an enemy. Captain Pellaeon; What do you have in mind Sir? Thrawn: We'll need a smuggler Captain. They have more experience handling the type of cargo that we'll need. ============================= Planet Kinnorx - Sir, this is AT-RS 1 reporting. - The vornskr has led us on a trail for the last 2 hours. We've left the ruins and followed it into the jungle. - Its handler says it's come to the end of the trail. We've reached some kind of old temple. The trail leads into a deep hole. - We'll send a probe droid in to scan the interior. - We've lost contact with the probe droid. Wha-! - Sir, a sort of vehicle came out of the hole. We request immediate assistance! - Sir, they aren't attacking. They're requesting to talk with whoever's in charge. Odd thing too, even though it's hovering right in front of us, the scanners don't pick up that thing. And it looks like a weird creature. Sending vid-scans. ============================= Chimaera Star Destroyer Captain Pellaeon: You were right Sir, they've been hiding the whole time. Thrawn: Good for us that it was us who found them Captain, I expect we can learn a lot from them. The paths their technological advances have taken seem quite unique. ============================= Temple by itself:
  8. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    I'm working on mine, hopefully I'll be able to finish it in time.
  9. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    That's great news! I did some good progress this weekend, but it will definitely help to have some extra weekends to improve the builds
  10. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Well, it would help me I have ideas for both builds and the text, but when I found out about the contest it was already halfway through. Anyway, considering that 2 builds are required for this one, I think some extra time would definitely help.
  11. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Any chance at an extension for this contest? There's still a few days left, and we might see a flood of entries at the last moment, but it doesn't seem to have captured much attention so far, which is really a shame, as the theme is quite cool and the prizes are nice.
  12. Recently got the 75148 Encounter on Jakku on sale
  13. Yay, Manatee F! After striking out last year, it's nice to be again among the lucky ones. Thanks CopMike!
  14. Thanks for the review! I think Catman and Red Hood are the only musts for me from this wave, though I also like March Harriet.