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    I am a crazy Lego TFOL! I have always loved Lego and my favorite theme is Star Wars. My favorite minifig of all time is Admiral Ackbar!


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  1. Obsidious

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    They are getting this idea from the fact that a new exclusive will be revealed at Brick Fiesta on July 6. We don't know if it is Super Heroes or not, but we are hoping it will be. The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape set came out of nowhere. Hopefully a TDKR set will too.
  2. Obsidious


    Thanks! I'm glad to be here!
  3. Great minifig! Nice, clean decals! Good job!
  4. Obsidious

    Motorized Apache Helicopter

    Nice Apache! It looks very realistic! Hope you get better from the food poisoning!
  5. Obsidious


    Thank you both :)
  6. Obsidious

    BrickWarriors June 2012 Packs

    Nice new items Thrash! I probably will pick up the Resistance Trooper for now, and I might buy the other later. That flamethrower is awesome!
  7. Obsidious

    Astromech Workplace Contest - The 93rd Floor

    Nice job Good luck in the contest!
  8. Obsidious

    MOC: Superhero Accessories

    Excellent! The lantern is just great! Nice job Hobbestimus!
  9. Obsidious

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Ok, thank you!
  10. Obsidious

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Sounds like a great contest with amazing prizes! I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but I am brand new to EB, can I still enter the contest?
  11. Obsidious

    How much is your SW collection worth?

    I thought I owned way too much, but after seeing some of the other posts in this thread, I don't feel so bad. According to Brickset, I own $5000 of total Lego, so probably 1/5 of that is SW.
  12. Obsidious

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I really hope it's the B-Wing! I wonder what the price will be... I'm guessing around $179-200?
  13. Obsidious

    MOC: Portal Sets

    Yeah I agree. I've played through the whole game and there's nothing offensive at all! It's rated E10+! That's what Lego's games are rated! They must be confused. Anyway, fantastic creation Brickthing! Very nice detailing. It looks so similar to the game!
  14. Obsidious

    Your dream Lego theme

    Yeah I agree with you with TDK and Uncharted. A Lego Mission Impossible would be cool also.
  15. Yeah that's a custom, it's not real. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Whoever made it did do a nice job of making it look realistic.