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    Gotham City Lighthouse

    This is my fifth time visiting this topic and it still gives me the goosebumps Really, the MOC is beautifully built-I especially like the statue (it really is the icing on the cake )- and the presentation is flawless. The only thing that bothers me is a tidbit in the second to last photo. I have a wild temptation to reach into the computer screen and click the bricks together (unless that was intentional, in which case this post would be rather embarrassing for me ). Anyways, I really enjoyed the little story. I wonder if we'll see more of Tom... P.S. Sorry Penguin, but everyone knows chickens are cooler than penguins . Taste better too. Not that i tried penguin before ...
  2. friedchikenfairy

    Problems with superheroes parts ?

    Most of the problems people stated before also happened to me . My Chitauri have the weird lines running down their faces, Wolverine's hair is extremely loose (it falls off when you simply tip him over ), ALL my mini-figures have weird cracks running down the back of their legs, my cap. America's shield is printed slanted and has white specks scattered in it, and the black part of Iron man's helmet was smudged . And if mini-figure problems aren't bad enough, even the actual set pieces were very cheap-feeling (it didn't feel like the normal plastic) and some were even cracked, straight out of the box . Even the stickers started peeling after the second day! STICKERS! What is the world coming to? I have never had problems in a set, yet suddenly I have problems in a whole theme?! (I own all of the Marvel sets) I was very deeply disappointed in the entire quality of the theme. Sorry for the rant (just warning others), but seriously, Lego needs to step up
  3. friedchikenfairy

    ASB Office

    When I was in middle school, I ran and won for ASB president . Strangely enough, I won by mentioning that a fried chicken wing spoke to me(the crowd LOVED that). Since then, I knew fried chicken was my lucky charm, hence my username . Anyways, at my school, we not only had to do a speech in front of the 5,000 or so students, but we also had to have an interview with the past ASB members . Believe me, that is more gut-wrenching than the speech. Anyways, to answer "brickmack"'s question, in my middle school, ASB is in charge of planning all events, from spirit days to parent conferences. Hope I helped with your question
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    A Lurker No Longer!

    California. How about you? . Nice to know that there is another KFC fan on this forum Anyways, my favorite theme would probably be the new Superhero theme. Those figures are just However, I have always liked most Licensed themes, including Star Wars However most of the "good" sets were out during my dark ages