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    Astromech Workplace Contest: Astromech Alcove

    Very WALLe like I can picture R2-L7 finding the plant in a deserted junkyard planet with no sentient life Very good MOC! Best of luck!
  2. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] Star Wars Death Star II wall/desk clock sculpture

    I would LOVE to have one of these on my bedside table Really, I hope Lego makes one of these Beautiful work!
  3. friedchikenfairy

    Stark Workshop

    I love the Hall of Armor Lego better make something like this Stunning job! Loving the Mark I
  4. friedchikenfairy

    Harley's Harley vs. The Bat-Buggy

    Batman sure stands a huge threat to Harley Really nice Harley for Harley! Lego should make something like this! It needs a giant hammer attached to it though ! Good job
  5. friedchikenfairy

    Batman Batcave Add-on for the Batwing

    It really looks like a part of the set I really wish this was part of the real set Good job!
  6. friedchikenfairy

    Flying Dutchman MOC

    Amazing! Dat stern is so prettyful! That is a word, right? The only thing that I find off is the dark red. Aside from that,
  7. friedchikenfairy

    How many ships do you have in your fleet?

    Four! Queen Annes Revenge, Black Pearl, Imperial flagship (best ship ever!), and a MOCed merchant ship
  8. friedchikenfairy

    Category C - Voting thread

    Ruslik-Alex Daredevil Brave-2 BaraSH-Thomas Bury- 1 (because I love hobos so ) Best of luck everybody
  9. friedchikenfairy

    The Avengers Assemble!

    I can picture Deadpool threatening the little kiddies playing the game Nevertheless, a Marvel game would be epic!
  10. friedchikenfairy

    <insert title here>

    Welcome 'Stormblessed' ! Nice to know that a fellow lurker has finally registered I'm sure you'll love Eurobricks Welcome again!
  11. friedchikenfairy

    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Welcome Spider-Man! Your my favorite superhero! Maybe you can save us from Lego robbing our wallets
  12. friedchikenfairy

    4 of July tips

    Would you care to explain? It seems like a nice idea, except that I have no idea what you're trying to say Some clarification would be highly contributive
  13. friedchikenfairy

    City Taxi

    Wow! It seems a little bit complicated for a taxi Kidding aside, the clear back part is really amazing Nice job!
  14. friedchikenfairy

    REVIEW: 6230 Stormer XL

    For some strange reason, Stormer looks more hulking than the Hulk! Seriously, even if I'm not an action figure person, I love how beefy he is Stormers definitely hulkier than Hulk
  15. friedchikenfairy

    What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    Definitely the 'Podracer Bucket' The pod racers looked like pieces of junk rather than fast speedy racers! They should've just named this set Watto's Junkyard
  16. friedchikenfairy

    MOC: The Tumbler

    Despite the fact that it can't hold a mini figure, all of the angles are stunningly accurate The studs just make the overall aesthetic really tough and militaristic looking. I hope you can find a way to incorporate the driver's area! Good job!
  17. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] Batman Intruder.

    Ooh! I LOVE how the fins are so sharp and angular looking, while the hood is so flat. It really adds to the Overall coolness factor. I hope to see more of you soon!
  18. friedchikenfairy

    Astromech Workplace Contest - The 93rd Floor

    Wow This is just so win! It really looks like one of the bars for Coruscant's elite, and is really inverse to the dirty cantinas of Mos Eisley Good luck in the contest!
  19. friedchikenfairy

    Lighting kits

    Oh my! My brain hurts just by looking and trying to understand the tangle of wires in the pictures Really, though, this is seriously awesome. I would love to see this in real life
  20. friedchikenfairy

    What's in a name ???

    Well my name pretty much speaks for itself. I chose this name because I'm the fried chicken fairy! No seriously, I chose this username because I eat so much fried chicken, my friends dub me the 'fried chicken fairy'. That name kind of just stuck. Ever since then, all my usernames have fried chicken in them somewhere.
  21. friedchikenfairy


    Dat stern. Seriously, though, your MOC is truly astounding. I love how you made the bow rounded. Ship-building is one of the things I've always wanted to do (even though I never manage to finish them due to lack of parts), and your MOC is one of those ships that remind me why I even bother in the first case. I hope to see more of your work soon
  22. friedchikenfairy

    ADU Locust Dropship

    Wow. This is truly amazing, I really wish this was a real set. I love the chunky military aesthetic it has . I think you got too carried away with the missiles, in a good way . It just adds to overall aesthetic. The fact that the bottom of the cockpit also has a windshield just makes so much more awesome. However, the area on the top behind the cockpit is a little bit too flat in my opinion. I would like some interior shots though . Good job!
  23. friedchikenfairy

    Master Chief

    Wow Instantly recognizable. Nice to know that there are Halo fans in this forum! Your use of parts is very creative. I especially like how you made the knees and the two things (sorry I don't know what its called; I call them his suspender straps ) that run down his chest armor. The only things that I find slightly off is the position of his shoulders and the small biceps. I think a super space marine would be a little more cut than that Still, this is a brilliant MOC with ingenious use of parts. Have fun at the NSC event
  24. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] CHIBI ARF Trooper & AT-RT

    Amazing!!! I LOVE the little details you put in, especially the greebles. That's more detailing than I see in a typical non- CHIBI AT-RT And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The way you made the helmet of the trooper is genius! I hope to see more from you soon After Googling you (yeah I'm one of those people who do that ) and finding your previous CHIBIs, I think I should call you CHIBI master
  25. friedchikenfairy

    MOC: Superhero Accessories

    Pure genius. That Lantern is amazing. I love how all of these MOCs are simple, but effective. In a good way, of course