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    deathtakeslast's Custom Fig's

    Ooh! Pretty I especially like the markings on his forehead. Great job!
  2. Spot-on custom Please, make more!
  3. friedchikenfairy

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    OHMYGOSH I hope they make a ship like that It looks like an EITC ship Maybe they'll release the Dutchman if they release that? This is off topic but is anyone else wondering why they have Hot wheels and Playmobil on the counter?
  4. friedchikenfairy

    Reference Material for Creating more Realistic Ships

    Hehe 'seamen' Kidding aside, I'm afraid your link, Frank Brick Wright, doesn't work on my computer Maybe you misspelled the link?
  5. friedchikenfairy

    Iron Man Armory

    Excellent MOC, especially considering what you made it from I hope you don't mind if I stole borrowed your carbonite idea
  6. friedchikenfairy

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome 'The Brick is Epic' I too was a lurker but registering was a great move
  7. friedchikenfairy

    Hi from Reunion island

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I know you'll like it.
  8. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

    Hello there Ever since the Avengers, I know all of us want a Helicarrier (Lego or otherwise ). Although not the movie version, this is my rendition of the Helicarrier After two hard days, I proudly present, the first (I think?) minifigure- fitting helicarrier (that isn't made by a six-year-old ) More views at my link. I hope you like it
  9. friedchikenfairy

    Custom parts

    These would all be very useful! :thumbup: Did you draw all of these yourself?
  10. friedchikenfairy

    LDD Ewok Village

    Amazing! This would look so awesome in real life The village part is a bit empty, however.
  11. friedchikenfairy

    Hello! My Name is

    Welcome Scott! I know you'll enjoy this forum. What part of the US are you from? EDIT: Looks like you double posted
  12. friedchikenfairy

    Astromech Workplace Contest: Towing-Astro

    Hehe. I don't think poor R2 is strong enough to pull a bantha Good luck!
  13. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

    Thank you all for your feedback . And for who it may pertain, this was my inspiration.
  14. friedchikenfairy

    I'm back!

    Welcome back, Axle! Cursed dark ages!
  15. friedchikenfairy

    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    The Bruce Wayne/Loki head also worked out pretty well for Steve, although more serious looking.
  16. friedchikenfairy

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    What is this sorcery!?
  17. friedchikenfairy

    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Thanks Sologuy The face is Philip Swift's from POTC and the hair is Obi-Wan Kenobi's hair from Star Wars.
  18. friedchikenfairy

    A Lurker No Longer!

    Hey there! I'm the fried chicken fairy! As you can tell by my username, I love fried chicken. In fact, Lego and fried chicken would have to be my two most favorite things in the world. Anyways, I have been a fan of Lego since I was a child. As my cousins were avid Lego fans, I practically grew up with Lego bricks. I am more of a collector than a MOCists, due to my lack of bricks and unwillingness to take apart new sets. Although some people don't like it, I love the burst of typically Denmark air that comes with most sets when you first build it. I first found this forum 3 years ago and i have been lurking ever since, until now obviously. In addition to Lego and fried chicken, I enjoy photography, Xbox games, screaming at the computer screen whenever I see an amazing MOC that I know I can never make anything like it (ACpin makes me do this too often then I like ), sports, and jumping around like a lunatic . Seriously, it's fun, try it ! Well, that's pretty much me! Have a nice day ! - Friedchikenfairy:)
  19. friedchikenfairy

    Have you ever had LEGO withdrawal?

    Ugh. I hate those! My cure for it is to play display () my Lego sets. Always works
  20. friedchikenfairy


    While I generally dislike all clone brands, I do like the little gold stickers that they put on their Transformer sets I don't know why, but those things always catch my attention. I guess it's supposed to make it look 'official'
  21. Wow! These look like official Lego minifigures I especially like the purist ones because I can make them Anyways, VERY nice figures I hope to see more from you soon!
  22. friedchikenfairy

    Our favorite Lego CMF minifigures!

    Strange as it my sound, my favorite is the Sleepyhead He is probably one of the most detailed minifigures ever The others, like Galaxy Patrol, aren't to bad either
  23. friedchikenfairy

    Astromech Workplace Contest:Astromech Gym

    I can actually picture droids doing this Very nice MOC but I think that the walls are rather plain, and the lack of a baseplate Makes it a bit empty. However, you already have a fantastic MOC and idea, so best of luck! :thumbup:
  24. friedchikenfairy

    Space Marine vehicles

    Wow! These are pretty cool, especially the first one. I love the chunky militaristic aesthetic they have Anyways, both of these MOCs are excelsior, but the top of the second one looks a little flat. Change that, and you have two perfect ships I hope to see more from you