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    SoF: Marie´s Bricklinkoffice

    Very nice! I wish I had a house made of Lego. Heck, I want everything made of Lego! By the way, is that the Minifig head container (picture below) on the shelf
  2. friedchikenfairy

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    This made my day. Does anyone know what piece Malakili's (the rancor keeper) staff is made of? Or is it a new piece?
  3. friedchikenfairy

    MOC "Frodo to the Rescue" vignette

    I LOVE the way you made the water. How much studs did you use?
  4. friedchikenfairy

    LEGO Vampyre Moonstones

    Very nice How did the farmers(?) in the beginning get all the moonstones in the first place
  5. friedchikenfairy

    la Flora de Muerta

    Thank you all!
  6. friedchikenfairy

    My Dream second wave LOTR sets

    I love the all, but my favorite would have to be the Corsair one
  7. friedchikenfairy

    [MOC] NNN Newsmobile

    So cute! I could see this as a real Lego set
  8. friedchikenfairy

    002-天使 Intergalactic Guardian [MOC]

    Amazing MOC! Although many don't like the feet, I love them! They remind me of high heels I hope you make more!
  9. friedchikenfairy

    Website Outage

    Everything Flipz said is also happening to me Annoyingly, it usually times out when I'm just about to post
  10. friedchikenfairy

    Modular Madness: Rhodes Biology Lab (Under Construction)

    Interesting MOC I especially like how you made the windows. Good luck in the contest! I know who I'm voting for.
  11. friedchikenfairy

    Astromech Workplace Contest: "The Menace from the Future"

    Obi-Wan will never see it coming Very nice MOC! I especially like the battle droids on the platform
  12. friedchikenfairy

    My microfig collection is (temporarily) complete!

    WOW. I didn't even know there were so much! How did you get your hands on production parts?
  13. friedchikenfairy


    Wow! This is amazing! If only TLG's was anything like this I especially like the way you made the front of the ship How long did this take to build?
  14. friedchikenfairy

    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Part 2 To celebrate the (not so new anymore) movie, I have created four of my favorite Spidey villains this week The Lizard A scientist wanting to create a world without weakness, he exposed himself to a revolutionary strain that unfortunately changed him into the deadly Lizard All these souls, lost and alone, I can save them! Taskmaster Able to replicate any attack, this former SHIELD agent is most deadly His moves are simple, but the technology makes it difficult Chameleon A master of disguise, no one can figure out his secrets I am invisible because I am the same thing you look at every dreadful, dull day. I am the day before you realize everything has gone horribly, horribly wrong. I am the Chameleon. Mysterio An illusionist with a fish bowl as a mask, he eventually gains real power. No "Pretending" necessary. I'm the man whose clothes you're wearing. Good lord. Did my thighs REALLY look that big in them? Well thats all for now. Expect more next week. EAT YOUR FRIED CHICKEN!
  15. friedchikenfairy

    [W.I.P] Clone Elite Training Camp

    I like the armory! You do have a little cat hair problem though
  16. friedchikenfairy

    Are minifig arms supposed to be removed?

    I prefer not to, they're so annoying to put back in
  17. friedchikenfairy

    Super Warriors

    They are all very nice, but my favorite has to be Lex Even in medieval times, he wears lavish clothes
  18. friedchikenfairy

    Review: 6879 Blizzard Baron

    Very nice review! I clicked on this thread because I thought the title said Blizzard Bacon I really wish that I had some 1990-era sets
  19. friedchikenfairy


    Welcome to Eurobricks! i know you'll enjoy it
  20. friedchikenfairy

    Spiders and flies

    Hehe. I really like the way you made the poor victims hanging down Great MOC!
  21. friedchikenfairy

    LEGO short clip : Battle under the night

    Very nice! The only thing I would change is to add a little bit more scenery. Aside from that, the video was pretty top notch. Good job.
  22. friedchikenfairy

    Hello Eurobricks!

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I know you'll enjoy our forum
  23. friedchikenfairy

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    Poor Harry. His parents only left him one coin
  24. friedchikenfairy

    SDCC Lego Bizarro face print issue?

    Sorry for your luck I would definitely ask for a refund if i were you.
  25. friedchikenfairy

    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Look forward to some Spidey villains!