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    Hello world, I am alienorb!

    Welcome to Eurobricks I know you'll love it here
  2. friedchikenfairy

    HISHE Super Hero Cafe

    Hey there I'm sure some of us are fans of HISHE(from YouTube) like me (admittedly, I only discovered him yesterday ). While watching some of the superhero ones, I realized that the cafe was the perfect setting for a MOC! This also gave me an oppurtunity to finally try forced perspective I present, The Super Hero Cafe! Obviously the proportions are off; it was my intention to make everything cartoonishly huge Based on this: I hope you enjoyed my MOC and remember: Eat Your Fried Chiken!
  3. friedchikenfairy

    Hello, my name is Quentin

    Welcome to Eurobricks I hope you enjoy it here
  4. friedchikenfairy


    Welcome to Eurobricks I know you'll like it here
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    Hello my name is MinifTory

    Welcome to Eurobricks
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    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Thank you all! Expect some Captain America figs. I might upload them today if I have time
  7. friedchikenfairy

    Lego nightmare

    Haha So funny! Good job
  8. friedchikenfairy


    Very nice, even if the color scheme is a bit messy Good job.
  9. friedchikenfairy

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would like to devote my final post as a Vassal to join, please How long does it generally take?
  10. friedchikenfairy

    Brickforge Pauldrons with Iron Man helmet?

    Although the pauldrons won't work, you can always use the Arc trooper pauldron (from the newest Star Wars battle pack) like I did You can see a picture of it from my custom figure thread.
  11. friedchikenfairy

    Ninjago 2012

    I really hope they make Dareth's Mojo Dojo Go Brown Ninja!
  12. friedchikenfairy

    LDD: P-Body and Atlas

    So cute AND accurate Good Job!
  13. friedchikenfairy

    French sloop, Sophie

    Very nice and accurate. The log details on the quarterdeck. Good Job!
  14. friedchikenfairy

    Polar expedition

    I especially like the tracked vehicle And those seals are ingenious too Good luck with Cuusoo!
  15. So much cheese, grates, and greebles! Amazing Creation!
  16. friedchikenfairy

    Chibi Han Solo

    Very nice, but I have to agree, that face is nearly demonic Can't wait for Chewie!
  17. friedchikenfairy

    Tower Bridge Ready for the Olympics!

    Nice MOD!
  18. Why would people do this? I have been scammed before and believe me, it was not fun. it took a few months before I finally got my money back
  19. friedchikenfairy

    Modular Madness Girls' Street

    WOW! Excellent all around although I do find the front a little lacking in color (not design, mind you ). I can only begin to wonder how much brick-bricks there are
  20. friedchikenfairy

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    I don't know about the rest of the states, but my Walmarts in southern California don't have it yet Oh and that Batman is just
  21. friedchikenfairy

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    I don't know. . . The teaser was a bit boring, and like others said, I couldn't even tell it was about Superman at first I trust Nolan though.
  22. friedchikenfairy

    Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show Thread

    I hope they show more of the 'Brown Ninja'!
  23. friedchikenfairy

    Mega Bloks

    I don't really care for Mega Bloks, but my dogs sure like them! They like to chew on them more than they do on my Lego(annoying ). Softer plastic, I guess
  24. friedchikenfairy

    Great sale at Ontario, CA Mills LEGO store

    Lucky!!! I also live near the Ontario area and I was wondering if you could approximate the amount of the Town Halls left Although not related, would you mind telling me if you spotted the Spidey set too? Thanks in advance.
  25. friedchikenfairy

    HISHE Super Hero Cafe

    Thank you all for the kind comments.