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    Hello!, My name is SuperLEGOkid

    Welcome to Eurobricks
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    Hi from Croatia..!

    Welcome to Eurobricks What's your favorite theme?
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    new girl

    Welcome to Eurobricks
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    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    About Doom's plane, about how big is it?
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    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Please tell me the Bugle is modular and not just a facade.
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    Welcome to Eurobricks
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    Cheers from Nova Scotia

    Welcome to Eurobricks I know you'll enjoy it here
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    Finally Joined Eurobricks! Or: Hello From Canada, Eh?

    Welcome to Eurobricks. I know you'll enjoy it here
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    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Fear Itself Savage is such a photogenic minifig, isn't he?
  10. is eating fried chiken

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    Hello all!

    Welcome to Eurobricks
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    Welcome to Eurobricks What's your favorite theme?
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    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Very Punny Noice one.
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    Welcome to Eurobricks! I can see that you like Bionicles and green
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    Minifigure question

    Well this is generally based on the opinion of the builder. I like it when its nice and tight so that the head and hair/hat/helmet move realistically in unison. This is usually an issue of the tightness of the headpiece. Cheaper plastic tend to have an either tight or too loose grip. So to answer your question, yes, but no
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    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    Loki's Arrival Staff design credit to 'zhancobricks'
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    Alternative staff for Loki

    I can't believe no one's commented on this yet! Albeit a bit clunky, this is pretty accurate! I hope you don't mind if i borrow it
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    Weird Batarang?

    Huh, how strange. I think it is probably a grappling batarang of sorts.
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    No longer a lurker

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I too was a lurker and, trust me, joining was a good move.
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    Website Outage

    As I was browsing through the site today, all of the topics, when opened, looked like this: I had to refresh the browser a couple of times to finally get it to normal. Is this happening to anyone else?
  21. Hello there! While I'm generally not a customizer, I decided to make an exception for the Marvel theme As awesome as the new Marvel minifigures are, I still get the feeling that something is missing from them. So, I decided to MOD them until I see fit Keep in mind that these are how I would see them, and they are not based on any specific version (except for the oines that I say are ) Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD A no-nonsense hardcore soldier, no one dares mess with him. I dare you, I double dare you! Agent Phil Coulson An unshakeable SHIELD agent, you can't trick him! I think we need a timeout The Invincible Iron Man/Tony Stark Building his suit in an escape attempt, this playboy philanthropist eventually uses his suit for good Tank Missile! Thor, God of Thunder and Loki, God of Mischief Although they are brothers, they are polar opposites We were raised together. We played together. We fought together. Do you remember none of that? I remember a shadow, living in the shade of your greatness. I remember you tossing me into an abyss, I who should have been king! Captain America, the First Avenger Steve Rogers, a simple man, was given a serum to become Captain America! Yeah. I punched out Adolf Hitler 200 times The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner A raging green monster, Bruce Banner can only hope to control the monster within. HULK SMASH! Hawkeye and Black Widow Although sent to kill her, Hawkeye opted to allow Black Widow to work for SHIELD Before I worked for SHIELD, I ah - well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn't care whom I used it for, or on. I got on SHIELD's radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me. He made a different call. The Amazing Spiderman When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he was given the proportionate power of a spider. With great power comes great responsibility SHIELD Soldier HURR Well that's it for now! I hope to upload more within a week (Hopefully), so stay tuned and remember to eat your Fried Chicken!
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    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Thank you ! Expect some X men as K-NUT suggested
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    Friedchikenfairy's Purist Marvel Minifigures

    Sorry for taking so long this time, some matters came up Well, in this batch we have some Captain America Villains! (Yes, I'm a sucker for villains ) Sin The daughter of Red Skull, even if she looks nothing like him This is Sin you're dealing with, Mother's Night's prize pupil, the sole heir to the wickedest man the world has ever known! Doctor Faustus While not a physical threat to Cap, he is one of his most dangerous enemies. My greatest weapon has always been my voice... so well modulated and pitched that my very word can either be totally consoling... or destructively jarring! Radioactive Man Exposing himself to radiation, this Communist has always tried to thwart our heroes You speak of potential? What about the potential of the human race-- a species your status quo will doom to extinction! Winter Soldier Once Cap's best friend turned spy, he is most deadly with his sniper rifle. This isn't payback, is it? I hope you enjoyed this batch
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    From Almaak to Zotax: all the planets in the LEGO galaxies...

    WOW I didn't even know there were so much!
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    MOC: Joker's Funland

    The LEDs are perfect! Cool MOC