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  1. I know this is dredging up an old thread, but if anyone is still interested in a Yorkshire LUG, check out www.brickshire.org.uk. It's our first birthday this year, which we'll be celebrating this saturday at the Yorkshire Brick Show (www.yorkshirebrickshow.org.uk)
  2. TyoSolo

    Cleaning and straightening out your sails

    I've cleaned quite a few dirty sails now. I used the washing machine (I know, I know) on the lowest spin setting possible (gentle fabrics). Once they were out, I ironed them whilst wet (under a thin tea towel). This did 3 things - a) protected the sail from burning, b) dried the sails immediately, preventing mildew, and c) Straightened and stiffened the sails. I can't tell you how happy I was with how stiff the sails were after ironing them wet. Obviously the washing machine caused a few frayed edges, but my wife is quite handy with fabrics, and by the time she'd done trimming them, the sails looked brand new.
  3. TyoSolo

    [MOC] - Ambush

    Ambush He's taken the bait - RUN! That Cyclops is going to have a really bad headache very soon Created for the Brick Fanatics Series 9 Diorama contest. It is a perfect 16 stud cube. This is also my first ever completed MOC, and my first attempt at SNOT building. The limitations set were that it had to be 16x16, no taller than 16 bricks, and must feature a series 9 CMF. There is a picture at another angle in my Flickr stream Let me know what you think.
  4. TyoSolo

    [MOC] - Ambush

    Cheers everyone, I appreciate the support. @DrLegoStar, you are probably right, but they don't know that yet, thus was their best plan. ;-) @flobnomdob. Yes, in my hunt for good value baseplates, I acquired quite a number of Minotaurus and Ramses Revenge microfigs.
  5. TyoSolo

    [MOC] - Ambush

    Cheers guys. I wanted to show some scale between the monster and the "heroes". I was partially inspired by the old Sinbad movie.
  6. TyoSolo

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    4. Kristel - 2 points 7. toutouille - 3 points
  7. TyoSolo

    MSFC Voting Thread

    13. Invasion! - 4estFeller - 1 point 75. The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) - customBRICKS - 1 point 8. Iron Giant - cmaddison - 3 points 4estFeller - I wish you're have submitted Utopia, even so, a good MOC.
  8. TyoSolo

    FAPC Voting Thread

    5. Duh-Nuh - madLEGOman - 2 points 16. Froghead - Yatkuu - 2 points 37. rEvolution - zane_houston - 1point Great stuff.
  9. If you contact the Secretary, they can set it up so you can pay by PayPal rather than by cheque. That's how I joined, because I don't have a cheque book. The alternative is a postal order.
  10. Hi Phil, I'm from Yorkshire too (Pontefract to be precise). There are actually a few of us that get together regularly for meet-ups at the Sheffield store, but no "building" per se. A few of the guys might be interested in meet-ups for building. You should get in touch with Bricksan, as he generally organizes these. He also happens to be a Lego Ambassador and the Showcase Coordinator for the Sheffield Lego Brand Store. There isn't a Yorkshire LUG at the moment, but a number of Brickish members are looking at forming "Northern Brickworks" which is intended to be a LUG for those in the North of England. Any which way, keep in touch, it's always nice to meet a fellow Yorkshire AFOL. Rich
  11. One of the other sites that I frequent is running a Lego LOTR competition based around creating a video of your favourite scene from a computer game using Lego. The prizes are being sponsored by my site, Bricktrader, but it being wholly run and judged by the good folks over at GamerKitten. The top prize is a copy of the Lego LOTR Game on any format, and a #9469 Gandalf Arrives set. To see all the terms and conditions of the competition visit the GamerKitten competition page. So if you like making videos and live-comics with your Lego, have a look. Mods - apologies if this is in the wrong place - I thought it would be most relevant to film makers. Please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.
  12. Just a quick bump - there are only two days left to get your entry in. They've had a couple of good ones in already. Can you do better?
  13. TyoSolo

    Foster the People - Houdini

    Very impressive. Are the band aware of it? I bet they'd love it.
  14. My second and final entry: 1 x Sea Serpent = 5pts 1 x Turtle = 3pts 1 x Dodo = 3 pts 1 x Capuchin = 1pt 1 x Starfish = 1pt 1 x Jellyfish = 1pt Total = 14pts
  15. TyoSolo

    2012 Pirates?

    If this concept art for the monster fighters theme is anything to go by, we may see a ghost ship yet, which could utilize that Flying Dutchman design. What do you think? October 2013?
  16. Historically speaking, No... and yes. While there will not have been many (or any) Caribbean pirates in the late 1500 - early 1600s,that the ruff was popular in, due to the islands not being colonized yet, and early on not even discovered yet. But who's to say your pirates aren't into retro fashion? Remember that this hobby is for doing whatever makes YOU happy!
  17. TyoSolo

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - FAQ

    That's great news, people have come up with some other fantastic suggestions since I voted. I was worried I'd shot myself in the foot by voting early. I'm not sure you could do a sea serpent justice at this scale, much the same as you couldn't with a Kraken. Sea monsters in general would be excellent, but I think they would make better minibuild packs. +1 on the jellyfish though
  18. For me: 1 x Manta Ray = 5pts 1 x Turtle = 3pts 1 x Albatross = 3 pts 2 x Capuchin = 2pts 1 x Parrot = 1pt Total = 14pts Me: Age 30, UK.
  19. TyoSolo

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - FAQ

    Capuchin +1 I'm finding I have to use the chimp out of the CMF series, and that just doesn't cut it.
  20. Brickset forums. I had a choice - £40 boxed, or £35 without box. I don't care about the box.
  21. I've just tried this with an erase away sponge like these on amazon on a damaged head. worked a treat - 30 seconds and the print was gone. Just the erase away sponge and water.
  22. Very true. I plan on using his torso to create a Guybrush Threepwood minifig - I just wish the printing on the yellow Han was as good as the printing on the fleshy Han.
  23. TyoSolo

    The Battle of Corunna

    I eagerly await the day the Sheffield, UK store has foliage on the PAB wall. My Wife does not. I love the tiered use of leaves on the palms here!
  24. TyoSolo

    2012 Pirates?

    It could possibly have been this very thread, on this very page! Although that is purely speculation!
  25. Another cracking deal - Whitecap Bay for £35 brand new. Out of box, but it's for building anyway. I also got 6 blue baseplates, and 6 Minotaurus (for green baseplates) for over 50% off from Argos. I can now start building my port!!!