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  1. What was the last movie you watched?

    Top Gun earlier today.
  2. What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Currently Skyrim SE that someone gifted to me, with Dishonored 2 on backlog.
  3. Nintendo Switch This is a bit of a bummer.
  4. What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    This bundle is quite possibly the best deal of games I've ever bought. I probably won't actually get to them all (only played BF2 so far), but it's good to have that collection.
  5. Star Wars

    The only recently EA-published game I've seen which doesn't squeeze money through pay-to-win is Titanfall 2, which is published by EA but developed by a separate developer (Respawn). Of course EA decided to release it in the same two week span as Battlefield 1, that terrible COD game, and Skyrim SE which leads me to think they wanted it to the tank. It's a shame though, cause Titanfall 2 is probably the best overall FPS of late 2016, but it never got that chance to build a great playerbase, especially on PC. Anyways, back to Star Wars - insert witty followup here.
  6. Star Wars

    That's good - if anything I prefer the combat stories of the Prequels over the OT so I'll keep an eye out for that.
  7. Star Wars

    If they do a remake of Battlefront 2 for this year or 2018 and it has no campaign, I'm definitely not getting it. BF 2015 I only bought because it was on sale for $20 CDN on Origin a couple weeks ago.
  8. Star Wars

    Also this (if nobody's posted it yet):
  9. Star Wars

    Best Episode 8 theory I've read so far re: The Last Jedi title -
  10. Emoji Movie

    Realistically that will never happen - not enough serious appeal to the Western world. Metaphorically I will have lost all hope in Hollywood if something like that happens.
  11. Emoji Movie

    This is one of those social trends the pop culture industry should have never been able to think up a movie for.
  12. Nintendo Discussion

    I didn't put in a preorder for the Switch yet (went to sleep right after the presentation and they were all sold out in Canada by the morning); it's $400 CDN for the Switch and $80 for BOTW, which is a hefty sum of money. I weighed the option of buying a Wii U to play BOTW but it's going to be rendered obsolete by the Switch, so what's the point? Whatever, I have till March-April to make a decision anyways.
  13. Star Wars

    Official Lucasfilm/Disney release that CGI won't be used to recreate Carrie Fisher in Episode 9: Thank god; let's hope they don't recast her either.
  14. Nintendo Discussion

    This game is going to be amazing.