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  1. Feylandel

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    58 by Siercon and Coral (3 votes) 64 by Bob De Quatre (1 vote) 67 by crayonboi (1 vote) 122 by Mr.Brickmann (1 vote) 178 by viracocha (3 votes)
  2. Feylandel


    I hate to repeat other posts but THAT LAVA LOOKS AWESOME! Very impressive, huge and rich of details - and the lava! ,-) Amazing job
  3. Thanks for the great review :-D I see lots of nice parts - and the panda is a must-have. Not to mention Wyldstyle - one of the best female minifigures ever (my opinion). And i don't really need the cyborgs but like their weird design and their accesssoires. Think I will get all minifigs.
  4. Feylandel

    Ninjago 2014

    Thanks for the pictures :-D Some of the vehicles remind me of the last wave of Ninjago and don't look that attractive to me but I love the cyborgs and some ninja parts. Time for some cyberpunk
  5. Feylandel

    Vote for your favourite Category 9A entries

    2) Fortune Teller Entry (Build by sgeureka) - 1 point 17) Chicken Suit Guy Entry (Build by pillpod) - 1 point 35) Mermaid Entry (Build by Cecilie) - 1 point So few points.... Good luck to everyone!
  6. Feylandel

    Vote for your favourite Category 8A entries

    20) Actor Entry (Build by Kai NRG) - 1 point 21) Fairy Entry (Build by Emma) - 1 point 32) Lederhosen Guy Entry (Build by streifen) - 1 point Good luck to all the talented builders!
  7. Feylandel

    Vote for your favourite Category 7A entries

    2) Grandma's Visitor Entry (Build by sgeureka) - 1 point 18) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by genecyst) - 1 point 27) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by Emma) - 1 point Good luck to everyone! Great work!
  8. Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but the only reason for the changed look(if it is not an April's joke) is the supposition that American LEGO fans need something familiar in an international LEGO forum? Because that would imply that many American users feel uncomfortable when they visit a LEGO forum and see no sign of their flag or some cowboys or any of the other stereotypes and that's a thing I can't believe.
  9. And now I see the stereotype comes true - once there are enough Americans they immediately change everything into something...American. Eurobricks never had to show european flags and symbols (like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Brandenburg Gate) but Ameribricks has to be filled with American symbols - stars and stripes, statue of liberty, football player, cowboys... Why? Does anybody need this in a global connected world? Is this site dedicated to Lego fans or American Lego fans? And yes, I read the ratio of users. I still hope it's a joke and it ends soon
  10. Feylandel

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    EPIC! The amphitheatre, the Trojan Horse, the temple,...I can't count all the wonderful details. Wow!
  11. Feylandel

    FAPC Voting Thread

    17. Attack of the Fish - cmaddison - 1 point 18.Space War Horse - sparkart - 1 point 22. Pigs VS Cows - Ninja Nin - 2 points 24. BannanaTank - alex54 - 1 point Man, that was hard to decide... - cmaddison: Great atmosphere, realistic beach, a beautiful fish-mec. - sparkart: Very innovative, stylish and funny. - Ninja Nin: The udder! ;-) And more amazingly good ideas. Winner of my smile ;-) - alex54: Great design, especially the banana-tank.
  12. Feylandel

    Winter Village: One-room Schoolhouse

    That's a unique building! And the interior is sooo cute, I love it :-) I wish you even more hours of fun and joy with your kids. Thanks for sharing. PS: The stick the teacher is holding is just for showing things, isn't it ? ;-)
  13. Feylandel

    MOC: Modular Pharmacy & Doctors

    Wow! This is amazingly detailed and the color scheme is perfect! Great work!
  14. I'm living and working in Freiburg (a nice city in southern Germany) and none of the stores is selling great amounts of LotR or The Hobbit sets. That doesn't mean that I don't buy them. ;-) I agree that they seem to be a little bit too...dark for kids and their parents - most of our customers buying this stuff are adults and interested in fantasy.