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  1. "An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette without the minifigure you built it" Does this mean that I can upload another picture with the minifigure in it? Second question: I understand that I cannot use a minifigure stand to show where it should be. Can I use a blank minifigure? Sorry for these questions but I don't want to make any mistakes. Is there a limit in the number of minifigures I can include in a vignette? Thanks...
  2. 16. LukeClarenceVan - Where's Solo? - 2 points 17. Naugem - A Moment In Coruscant - 1 point 18. Pablo94 - The Statue of Darth Vader - 1 point 1. Wedge09 - A Dinner with Old Friends - 1 point
  3. 4. Gubi0222 - Rise of the Mandalorians - 1 point 12. pedro - Escape from Nar Shaddaa - 1 point 13. ACPin - Yoda's Legacy - 3 points
  4. jedi1984

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    Great post BrickieB, every time I read of someone bricklinking a 10178 I realize how much I'd like to do that. Unluckily I'm still stuck at brickinking that é$£"+* Cafè Corner. I'm missing only the rare parts, but in the end it's going to cost much more than I thought (it's going to end at 400 € with all the original parts but without instructions and box). Knowing myself I wouldn't like having parts replaced and this project could cost me an arm...
  5. jedi1984

    MOC: 007 James Bond & Bond Girls

    Meravigliosi! (amazing)
  6. jedi1984

    FABULAND Crossover: Bay 12.

    Thanks, I've read the tutorial and built a lightbox, I Took some photos with a 8 sec / f 2,8 settings with a stand and I'm pretty satisfied with what came out even though there's a lot I still have to learn. Thank you very much for your answer
  7. Final photo taken! I'm done with this contest. I hope you'll enjoy this!
  8. jedi1984

    FABULAND Crossover: Bay 12.

    Wow! Amazing work with only 2 colors!A pair technical question: are the blue / yellow pieces new, just cleaned, or photoshopped? Because the quality of this image is great (and I'm very bad at photographing). Has this shot been taken in an interior with a lightbox? Thanks
  9. jedi1984

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    4. Kristel - 1 point 22. Oky - 1 point 48. Speedboat - 1 point 62. Alopex - 1 point 55. Dufresne - 1 point too few points for too many great entries :-(
  10. Ah ah ah! Thank you for your words, I really appreciate that you like this "cute" (?!?) MOC
  11. jedi1984

    Greetings from Italy

  12. Ok, here's my entry for the Fabuland Crossover Contest. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I've carefully read the rules of these forums before posting this MOC. It's stated somewhere in the rules thread that: "if you are an adult who is offended by what is often labeled as adult content, you should probably avoid this site", so I don't think that there should be any problems with this entry. Anyway, if anyone is really offended by this MOC (even though - you see - no one here is naked) I'm sorry and I will remove this ASAP. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The director is not who you think he is! No minifigure was harmed in the making of these photos. All minifigures are 21 years or older since photographed. TLG does not sponsor, endorse or approve this build. LOL! You wanted a crossover? What's better than mixing Fabuland pieces with adult contents? What's more NPU than using Atlantis teeth as... well, you know? It's a busy day in Legoville Studios... The shooting for "Fabuland meets Teletubbies" is starting in a pair of minutes and all the actors must hurry! THE CREW:
  13. jedi1984

    FABULAND Crossover Contest

    Ok, I'll submit for this one... I have an almost finished WIP that's going to fit perfectly with a pair of modifications. I'm a master at recycling :-)
  14. jedi1984

    FABULAND Month Headquarters!

    This is unbelievable... two days ago I was considering putting on Ebay all my Fabuland & Jack Stone figures because I never use them and now this... Let's see if I can partecipate with something...
  15. jedi1984

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    18. Priovit70 - 2 21. Kristel - 2 22. sonicstarlight - 1