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  1. In Australia also, Never received any replies to emails around April/May this year. I backed $190 worth in metal rails. :(.
  2. Doesnt seem to be, sent them a message on me-models website with no reply either. hmm
  3. Has someone got an email reply from someone at ME?, My email to Michael Melan hasn't been answered and looking for another contact.
  4. Some what out of the loop on the whole kickstarter/me-models situation and not sure where to find updates from the creators. I emailed Michael Melen at MEmodels May 5 but no reply. Its been 3 years since pledging and no update on metal rails. :(
  5. funkdis

    ME Models Rail Update - March 2016

    Really liking the new style of metal rails. If they rails come as one rail segment rather than rail + sleeper, that would be an absolute win.
  6. funkdis

    Unboxing an unbuilt Metroliner

    Parents originally bought 4558 early 90's, by far the most memorable. I did end up getting the double decker carriage shortly after when a family member visited Germany around that time. A few months ago I had the chances to jump at another 2 more, one being built as the original the other as the Amtrak something or rather for $250usd and 84 rails, missing the figures being the least of my problems. https://www.dropbox....vxehwh/4558.jpg Now I'm the proud owner of 3Metro's + 1 double decker. What I would do, keep it in the box, source a box in better condition if its worth it. Second go online and find a 4558 and build that. Remember to have this train still fresh in a box after 30 years is spectacular and certainly a collectors dream.
  7. Its been so long, but i cannot remember an option where i can pledge but not pay. I thought you had to pay to play? I am one of those that pledged for plenty of metal tracks. still look forward to these.
  8. funkdis

    Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    I've just purchased a raspberry PI after seeing plenty of automation projects. As I have never heard of Arduino, could this also be possible to replicated with the Raspberry? i suspect the need for a power converter to produce 9v-12v.
  9. funkdis

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Group buy anyone? Found these last weekend in Shanghai, Pearl market in Gubei district. Initial price for the minifigs was 20rmb(2.80eur), but you could score them for 5rmb (0.70eur). lol, anyway real lego sells for stupid prices in China, definitely bubble tax.
  10. funkdis

    Power Functions vs. 9 volt

    7x 9v motors keep me happy but seriously toying with the idea of getting one PF motor in order to run two trains on the same circuit with options to start and stop either one. I will continue to purchase metal rails if needed. I'm mostly looking forward to sbrick, and the modding community (if there is one) to introduce some nice automation applications, most likely with PF than 9v.
  11. funkdis

    Future Train sets discussion/speculation

    Shinkansen would be awesome, but for this to work it would need to be a creator edition with some rights from Japan Railway to really make the set as authentic as possible.
  12. thats 260 backers that will be extremely happy to receive these later in the year :). just to put it into perspective approx. $335 was the average per funder. Looking forward to this, Thank you Eric and the ME team.
  13. Metal $49 + $75 packages done plus shipping to Aus Looking forward to seeing this get funded.
  14. funkdis

    Adding 'Juice' to long 12V track layouts . . .

    Would like to know how many straight/curved/ you are running for this setup. Also my guess is you've added 12V motors to Emerald night?
  15. funkdis

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Me and several friends are already keen as for this set. Just hope the price in Australia isn't outrages like some sets. :/