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  1. darkboy101089

    Improved 3 speed automatic gearbox

    I know orbital gear are more efficient and works better, but I like the sound of it clicking to new gear I did test it on the floor and found out that lowest gear does not get selected often, but when I initially throttle the car, it selects the middle gear and goes back to fastest gear after one second. The only time I see lowest gear selected is either going over a bump or putting lots of load on the car. The spring on the rubber band to change gear must be precisely place to achieve the results that I got. Slightly too hard on the force of rubber band can cause the gear to not be able to select lowest gear. Also the gear selection trigger is reinforced from what I initially started to achieve this. I am still working on improving it with minor changes at a time.
  2. darkboy101089

    Improved 3 speed automatic gearbox

    This is a video demo of how the gearbox functions.
  3. This is a remote controlled car that I am working on. This is the demo of the 3 speed automatic gearbox that I tried to improve for this project. It uses a differential gear to transfer the overload torque to select lower gear. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0245.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0246.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0247.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0248.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0249.jpg Current WIP http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/darkboy101089/Gearbox/imag0251.jpg
  4. darkboy101089

    Idler gear sliding about?

    Picture please.
  5. darkboy101089

    Value of my inventory.

    The actual sets only cost me about 1200 direct from lego. I spent most of my money buying parts instead of sets. Thanks everyone, I think i will take a huge box and store it.
  6. darkboy101089

    Value of my inventory.

    I'm getting married, and have no time for legos. I want some suggestions on how to sell my lego technics. I spent about 3500+ buying all the sets and parts. How much you guys think i can get out of it? And whats the best way to sell it? Here are the pictures of what I have:
  7. darkboy101089

    Custom Flex System Cables

    I've actually tried to make a custom one with pneumatic hose and thin picture frame hanging steel cable. But I haven't got time to continue on it. I chose pneumatic hose because its cheap and more accessible than other types of housing for the cable. But I found out that Rigid 3mm D hose is better because it can fit through a technic pin. Only problem with that is the limited stock they have on bricklink and they are more expensive. Im looking forward to what you can come up with.
  8. true, but this one is made just to drive the wheels for display not actually run on ground like a remote control car. I'm working on a car that just functions like a real car for display, but does not run on ground lol.But it runs pretty smooth with little resistance.
  9. This have 5 speed no reverse.
  10. darkboy101089

    Need ideas for a gearbox.

    My new linear 5 speed sequential. Any body have smaller designs? I plan on adding a driving ring before this and add reverse and neutral. And it needs a lot of refinement.
  11. darkboy101089

    Crawler----blue monday

  12. darkboy101089

    Need ideas for a gearbox.

    Lol, what good is a car if it cant move? Why not collect diecast models instead of legos. The point of technic is learn the mechanical engineering not art. For you to think think that sequential gearbox is boring must mean your not in to engineering. I dont understand why you are even posting here. Legos have their limits, its impossible to make a sturdy gearbox without either the 5+R or the linear method. Unless they have new parts which i doubt they will.
  13. darkboy101089

    Need ideas for a gearbox.

    The challenge here is to try to make the gearbox as small as possible. The most diffcult task in making any good technic car is the gearbox. I think without new parts manufactured specifically for the sequential gearbox this is as small as it gets. I have been looking around for about a year now, but no possible solution to make it any smaller. I think that most of the mocs now out there all have the same basic internals like the standard suspension and 5+R manual non sequential gearbox. It seems a bit boring to me. All they really did is take the same chassis and fit a new skin. I really admire Sheepos and Sariel's work. Most of their mocs are radical and has lots of new ideas instead of the same base that many people normally build their mocs on.
  14. I think building lego is an interest and I think exchange of ideas should not be charged. The world today judge values of nearly all things with a price tag. As I play with technic just to learn from it.
  15. darkboy101089

    Need ideas for a gearbox.

    This is what I have so far.