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  1. lol i didnt think there was so much "competition" in playing with legos...

    to me it's just a way to pass the time

    anyway selling instructions to me make sense...mainly because it requires some time to build the model on the pc...

    but claiming "hey that's my model i built it first bla bla bla" is just stupid for some reason:

    - if u share something on the net you're SHARING

    - usually, you're assembling with legos engineering inventions :D so someone else really invented it first

    - if you are an "inventor" you should be happy of getting other people life easier with your inventions and not be jealous :P

    i use to share on my blog things coz im happy to help out someone else having a good time playing with legos

    thats all :D

  2. Hi guys! this is my first post...

    i've found this forum by typing my nickname and i've found a guy posting a video of mine (a jeep wrangler)

    so as i was really happy that someone apreciated my creations i decided to register :P

    here's my last creation, its not perfect but it should look like an 8c by alfa romeo :D

    i hope you like it :)