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    I'm building the chassis... i got that kind of feeling that as the polaris i made a few years ago, all the pieces fit the proportions of this vehicle wich is GREAT

    I still need to check the aviability of green pieces to make the body but i think it will be all right.

    It's time to start planning the axles.... I'll start making them with no differentials as they are lighter... Once I'll build it (wich is something im gonna do on sunday) i'll check if it works good enough, otherwise im gonna add 'em later.


    I like your Mockup models. Do you use Google Sketchup?

    thanks Jim! what do you mean by using google sketchup?, im taking the screens out of LDView :)

    the one above is just composed in photoshop

    Thanks everyone i hope i can keep you all interested on the long term :P


    So: here's what i think it will be the core of the pajero.

    I'll use the new driving ring selector and an M motor to operate it.

    Probably final gear ratio will be 1:4 on high ratio and 1:8 on low ratio... but i might change it to 1:3 and 1:6 if i use differentials

    hope you'll like it :)


  3. Hello fellow builders :)

    It's been a while since I released something new, (not counting the quad of some weeks ago), i've been a lot busy with work, study, band and a new girlfriend... All of this didn't stop my obsession for lego tho :D

    So instead of opening a thread everytime i start building something, I'll put everything in this one, even if it can get a lil bit messy... you know, I can't focus on a single thing per time, I need to do 300 things together :P

    I'll try to keep it tidy anyway....

    I will write down everything i'm developing on the first post, and it will have a color assigned like the color that the actual model is gonna have. Every update will have the same color as its "folder" so for those who are interested in following what I do it will be easier understanding what am I working at :)

    I hope it will be interesting ^^



    2 L motors


    Gearbox H/L

    Differential lock

    2 Live axles


    2 Buggy motors


    Gearbox H/L (maybe)

    2 Live axles





    2 Buggy motors


    Independent suspensions


  4. Hey all just seeking some input. I have started disassembling some of my sets here and there to make modifications to them. Using the existing designs and functions to gather techniques for making my own MOCs. Redoing the suspensions, making lifting mechanisms, and changing the steering. I have toyed with the Lego Digital Designer but have not ever completed a design.

    What are some of the methods y'all use to create your MOCs? Do you just build and the final product develops itself, or do you work out all the details before the build starts?

    some good southern rock and pieces spreaded all over the desk are the only thing i really need... sometimes i use ldraw to check proportions before i start building but without pieces in my hands i wouldnt be able to do anything :P

  5. Don't use this propeller! I have tried it and is to small!! Weak performance... You need the propellers 9 studs in diameter...


    that should work like a centrifugal pump

    slewentogzz made one to empty his hull from water, i wanna try making one to make the boat move

  6. Ha ha... As I said... Sariel started the Water Mania! :D

    Thanx for sharing! I was looking at this set with this hull but I don't like it... so I bought the Coast Guard Ship...

    I'm really impessed with the performance... it's very good... not only thanx to RC Buggy motors but the 2 propellers made to one make good trust under the water... They are not to buy now in any set, only via Bricklink...

    Try 2 propellers for more performance... Put the second cross propeller behind the first on the same axis...

    Very nice...


    xD no way!

    i posted the rubber band boat first!

    btw this boat is great :) i mean, i don't like too much colors but its performances are amazing, im gonna get this hull and try a thing i have in mind :)

  7. oh yeah, if you watch the video i've reinforced it immediately after with a technic plate and two 1.x2 plates :)

    omg i so wanna make an RC boat!

    unfortunately the only hulls that are good for what i have in mind (a motorboat) are the one used by Grohl (wich is huuuuuge) and a smaller one wich doesn't give me the right vibrations to put a lipo battery on it xD

  8. Hey! thanks for all the answers guys :)

    what i'm actually trying to do is a proper motorboat, so no catamarans :P

    on youtube theres the one made by Grohl that uses the belville theme hull.... thing is that i'd like to make something way smaller than that

    i've made a quick test with the 4011 hull and unless it floats perfectly it's not going to work XD


  9. Hello guys!

    I don't belong to this section but i really need your help:

    I need a floating hull that can handle let's say around 200-300g without sinking as i'd like to build an IR motorboat.

    Is there anyone of you that has some experience with boats?

    i was thinking about the one from 4011 set...but it might be too small.... is there something inbetween that one and the biggest ones used for ships?

    thanks a lot :)

  10. Hello guys!

    In the meanwhile im waiting for the pieces to finish my nissan and a lot of stuff i have in "WIP" state, i moved to my hometown for one month, but i didnt take my legos with me...

    Here i only have 90's lego parts.... i was checking what i had in that bucket and had this idea :P

    hope you'll like it and i really hope someone improves it with a bigger hull, bigger gears and stronger rubber bands ;)