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  1. lol that's a huge crane jeeeeez :D

    i don't know what people have to complain about... it's like people would complain about sheepo's cars because they're too big XD

    i agree with the idea that it's not necessary making big stuff, but why not?

    i never build big, but i give a lot of credit to who ever does it because it takes quite a while to make it sturdy... you know, lego parts bend a lot

    and lego has no limits by the way

  2. Hey there!

    Even if it's a bit late to start a moc for the contest i'll try anyway :)

    This is what i've built in about a day:


    V4 fake engine

    HOG steering

    Full suspensions

    Openable hood, front doors, rear doors.

    I hope i can finish it in time :P

    OH of course, as soon as i read "your vehicle needs to have a bad megablocks name" i thought: VAN Damme... what's more badass and appropriate than that !?

    I really hope you'll ilke it, even if i've seen some serious stuff made by other contenders :)


  3. this is the front axle....you'll need to gear the steering system down to 1:2 if you connect it to a servo ;)

    i think the problem is that Italy mostly consumes minifigs... technic don't sell that much, so they didnt even put it on their site.... who cares btw, italians deserve minifigures xD


    Here's a front axle without differential....it should work fine :)

    Once i build it i have to try if it works properly and if i can lower it a little bit to fit the long travel suspension... this one would be more realistic tho


    I fixed that double gearing that wouldnt have allowed the motors to spin the axle :) small distraction!