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  1. Hey, man, that's really great & extremely compact! You know my love to American cars, but I'm impressed with that fantastic model! When will we see other photos & video? The downside is the most intriguing, as I, for example, can't understand how is realized front independent suspension)))

    thanks man! to be honest i didn't expect so many likes on this car... i personally wouldn't have built it if it wasnt for a specific request :P

    Anyway tomorrow i'll take some pictures of the bottom of it :) there's really nothing fancy going on eheh

    in the meanwhile i can show you guys what i'm doing with the g63


  2. thanks guys :)

    there are two L motors connected to the rear axle

    at the moment i'm working on the class G.... this one won't have PF nor a steering system...

    I mean: the chassis is ready to be motorized but as it is for exposition purpose only i won't mount motors because i need them for something else i'm already building... a hint "...it's winter..."

  3. yeah i know that one, but if you have a look at them together you'll notice theyre completely different even if they're similar lol

    Nice job, I don't like the real car, but you replicted really well the bodywork!

    What parts are the speedometers? I need pick up some of them.

    they came out of a technic bike, btw they're just stickers :)

  4. Hello everybody!

    It's been a long since i posted something, i've been really busy with working and other stuff...

    So: there's Mercedes that's having a meeting at a lego exposition here in Rome on 21 DEC, they asked me somehow to bring 3 models there so I decided for the three in the title

    here's the smart


    Power functions

    Front independent suspensions

    Rear suspensions

    Led lights

    Openable doors



    I hope you'll like it :)

    The others will come in the next days!

  5. Oh, it's hard to realize windscreen in Lego (if we are talking about "pure Lego parts"), wish you luck & will wait for your release with interest!

    well i've found this piece 12 x 4 wich is perfect for small scale offroaders :) so just expect a small 4x4 ehehe