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  1. This is great! Stunning

    Would you help me build my 6 function sequential switchbox?

    feel free to use it however you like :)

    As soon as ill release my new car ill make instructions for it, the gearbox ive made is a 3+R but it's the strongest and smoothest ive ever done.

    It stalls two xl motors without jumping a single tooth on the gears :)

  2. Hello everybody!

    I've seen you guys are going crazy with the new porche model :)

    Then you might find this thing useful...

    I'm working on my next big model with gearbox and all those fancy things and i've done a restyling to the shifter.

    This time it doesn't require a spring and it's one stud shorter...plus it's way tidier....

    I don't think it requires any explaination, you should be able to replicate it easily

  3. I think you have put exactly the right perspective to the topic.

    Having said that, I would like to add one more thing: Lego is all about making 'models'. And to me (sorry, I have an engineering background) 'model' means: Simplification of a system (or thing) that brings about one or more aspects of that system's (or thing's) nature. Models allow us to zoom in on certain aspects while leaving other aspects out. So it's all about what exactly do you want to tell with your model. Take a look at Nico71's Mechanical Calculator. It's an amazing machine and we probably all regard it as something beautiful. Not because of it's looks, but because of what it can do, and that it can be done with Lego bricks. So in this case Nico71 zoomed in on the 'how it works'-aspect rather than the aesthetic aspect.

    Now when it comes to cars, there is something delicate going on: There are typically two prevailing - yet quite opposed - aspects that make a car appealing: 1) the looks and 2) what's inside. On the one hand a car should look smooth as if it was cut from a single piece of stone and shaped by the wind. On the other hand it should cover up as many nifty features and powerfull functions as possible. So when it comes to supercars, it doesn't amaze me that using panels has gained popularity over the years. They make it possible to address both aspects.

    Personally, being an old-school Lego fan, I like it the most when a Lego model captures the essence of a car - be it a real car or an imaginary car - with a minimal set of lines. Just like a portrait painting, it doesn't need to be as realistic as a photo, as long as it captures the essence.


    Source: http://www.scottdesi...-im-working-on/

    EDIT: I would like to add one more thing: When I started regaining interest in Lego Technic, all Lego supercars I found on the internet appeared to me as insects - also the more recent ones. I had to get used to them first before I started to actually perceive them as great designs. Just to illustrate that it's all a matter of perception.

    I totally agree with you.

    lines over panels


  4. thanks guys....

    unfortunately this project has been aborted to work on my next big car

    i can just say it has the best gearbox i've ever done so far... it's a 3+R but im pretty sure nothing i've ever done before was so smooth and so strong to stall 2 XL motors :P

    sooner or later i'll post the model that's gonna use it!